Unicyclist in Plymouth yesterday (06/09/07)

This was posted to uk.rec.cycling this afternoon:
"Was pedalling into Plymouth for choir rehearsal last night. At maybe ten past six, I was on the uphill stretch of road from Walkhampton to Yelverton, when the unicyclist came the other way. He was spinning furiously - presumably that’s fixie+downhill style. But more impressive, he was riding as if it were a natural means of travel from A to B, rather than anything else it might be, such as a stunt.

“Anyone of this parish own up to being or knowing this person?”

Anyone here know who it was?

Most likley candidate is Rob N who lives in Princeton , works somewhere near Yelverton and is a regular cycle commuter on one or two wheels. Havn’t seen him on forum for a few days but he does read and post so may own up or deny it.

It was probably me on my way home from work yesterday - I was on my coker going down the hill towards Walkhampton. A bloke with a beard was heading the other way, towards Yelverton, on what looked like a small-wheeled folding bike like a Brompton or something - I suspect it was he who posted the comment.