Unicyclist in "Dancing on Ice" performance

On the first show of the new season of “Dancing on Ice” (10/01/2010) they had a circus themed performance from the pro skaters and a unicyclist was on the ice with them. Don’t know who it was (does anyone on here know?) but he was riding a trials. It’s on ITV Player if you’d like to take a look, the performance (which is quite impresive) starts at about 2 mins and the unicyclist at about 4 mins.

Yes, I saw the rider. Having seen people ride on an ice rink before, I am sure the guy MUST have had some form of studded tyres.

No idea who it was though.


So I see!

The link is here, their site is a bit of a nightmare to navigate. Unicyclist appears at 3:39.

Some good skills there considering he is riding on the ice! I’ll try to get a good screen grab of the guy / unicycle and see what we can identify…

Well, that didn’t come out very good. The video quality is crap :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t watch the video outside the UK, but I would suspect a studded tire, and yet I don’t know of any 19" tires with studs. Would a home-made version work well enough for a performance?