unicyclist in catalog

in the “title nine” catalog for womens clothing there is a woman mountain unicycling. its a catalog that comes for free in the mail, sorta like l.l. bean. did anyone else see it?

Do you meen this picture?


Wow that pretty cool, sure loos like her right foot is about to slip off the pedal though:D

I think im gonna buy that outfit now just because of that. :smiley:

Ahh… that would be her left foot, providing the picture wasn’t flipped horizontally.

Ah that’s Mountain Unicycling I’ve always wondered what that was!


It may look like she’s about to get her foot knocked off, but actually that’s just the foot position required by the John Travolta style of muni, as being demonstrated in that picture.


I always go mountain unicycling in jeans too. It’s just sooooo comfortable on those long journeys.

actually all of the other pictures are of her falling. and there is a caption that says “(name) wont be entering any unicycling compititions in the near future” but why didnt they just use some crappy unicycle like a savage and let the model use that, instead of buying a nice muni for her to crash on.

I dont know about those pants. If that foot slips off, that is gonna be one savage pedal bite :astonished:

wait, which one is this in? I went to look for it, and the latest one I have says “title nine summer 2004” and has two people walking down the beach with surf boards on the cover. I looked through the whole thing like 5 times and i cant find it. Do I have the wrong issue?

Re: unicyclist in catalog

Could it be that she’s holding onto something with that hand that disappears
out the top of the picture?

Mark Newbold
Shelburne, Vermont USA

Weird repeating pattern in the grass on the left…

It’s almost as believable as that I’m riding that unicycle above the niagara waterfalls in this old insurance commercial.

Would it be UniLust to say the model looks even better because she is riding a unicycle?

I walked into my house a few days ago to fing my wife sitting on one of my unicycles. Wow, talk about one beautiful look, my lady on one of my unicycles. I think she might be catching the bug.

I hope she learns to ride soon. --chirokid–

Kind of looked more like Victoria Falls there at the end…

Sorry to jack the thread (heretofore to be known as JTT) but I just noticed chrokid, you’re from Tennessee. I had a good friend from there. He had the most wonderful accent.

No one here in Tennessee thinks I have an accent. It’s you NY and NJ folks that have the accent. :smiley:

Come visit the Great Smoky Mountains and we’ll go for some rides. --chirokid–