Unicyclist in Cambridge UK


An Austrian mate of mine (Wolfgang, aka Worgi) is staying in Cambridge this week, and wanted to know if anyone was up for a ride. He doesnt have a uni with him, so would have to lend one if possible.

Please reply or PM me and ill send you his details.



Is that Wolfgang Hennerbiechler, how long is he in Cambridge for?

yes it is :slight_smile:

I think he’s here for a week. He came on Monday


I might be around on Sunday and I have a spare Onza trials, I’m off out for the night now but check if he’s around and maybe we can sort something out, I’m a little way from Cambridge so hopefully he’s picked out some good spots on his travels, cause I don’t know my way around there at all.

I can definitely make it on Sunday if he’s around, just let me know a number.