unicyclist in Arkansas?

do any of yall live in Arkansas? Are there any clubs there? None of my friends can ride a unicycle, and they think I’m wierd. lol

Where in Arkansas? Its a big, varied place.

Memphis has a great and growing club. Its possible you could be right up next to us or waaaaaaaaaaaay over yonder.


A while ago, I took my MUni to Mountain View and had a big time.


I am about 30 minutes from Little Rock

We meet our neighbors from time to time for some uni. Nashville and Jackson Miss are about the same distance from Memphis as LR.

Except for no close club, I’d say you’re lucky. That’s beautiful country over there. We’re a bit too flat for my tastes. But, Say La Vee.

Feel free to drop us a line if you’re coming this way. There’s always somebody willing to ride somewhere.

Re: unicyclist in Arkansas?

I moved to Little Rock in December and am looking for stuff to do around here.

I own a unicycle but have never mastered riding it.

I used to juggle a lot but finding people to juggle with in Louisiana was hard and I’ve been out of teh juggling scene for a couple of years now.

Anyways, let me know if you ever want to touch base.

Bryan Signorelli