Unicyclist in 2012 Death Ride

Does anyone know who this unicyclist is in the 2012 Death Ride (129 miles in California with 15,000 feet of climing) :

Is the Death Ride all on paved road? It looks like the rider is using a heavy, knobby muni tire. Yikes! That would make the ride that much more difficult. It looks like his rider # is 200 or 208. Are names and numbers linked on-line with race results?

The Death Ride is entirely on paved roads. It is a road bike race. I agree that it looks like a 24" or 26" fat tire. My first reaction was to assume that there is no way he finished the race. But, then people do amazing things. So, who knows?

I don’t have access to the race results. I’m asking for a friend. I figured if someone rode 120+ miles with over 15,000’ of climbing on a ~24" muni… Then, they may be on these forums.

I saw another thread entitled, “You know you’re a unicyclist if…”. Well, you know you’re a unicyclist if you ride 120+ miles with over 15,000’ of climbing on a muni.

I would be shocked if he did the whole thing. He probably did one or two passes.

It looks like a very tall rider on a 26" Endomorph. Could theoretically be Chuck Edwall but I’d expect he’d be out there on his 36".

The shoulders look like Chuck, but I’ve only ever seen him wear the same jersey every time I’ve seen him ride/race. And he’d be on a road machine. Reading the associated posts in the linked forum, it sounds like he was riding the section where he was spotted in the opposite direction of the ride.

If anyone did 129 miles in a day on a unicycle like that, it would certainly be noteworthy. If they did it in the Death Ride, I’m sure we would have heard about it.

Thanks, Tholub and John. Makes sense that he would only ride a portion of the race. My understanding is that the Death Ride goes over five mountain passes.

I could see it being done :stuck_out_tongue: not!

Those aren’t Chuck’s legs. Chuck’s built like a freight train. The guy in the picture is a bit twiggy…

And I’m pretty sure the picture is from 2011.

EXIF data says it was taken with an iPhone 4 on 7/14/2012 at 38 32’ 51.6" N, 119 51’ 56.4" W, which is just past one leg of the course according to the event web site.

Another image, same guy:


Ill do it on my trials :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw him… amazing

I rode the Death Ride 2012 and saw him. He was tall and what he was doing was amazing! I didn’t see him on the first mountain - the first two climbs. I passed him as he was going up the back side of Ebbits as I was going down which is hill number four. And then again I passed him in the same direction going down Ebbits toward the start and hill 5. Ebbits is possibly the toughest pass because of the grade. 3k+ ft. I am nearly certain he didn’t finish overall. I barely made the cut offs and going downhill was just too slow for him. I suppose he could have kept riding after the cut off, but to even get to where I saw him - with that downhill handicap - he would have had to start very early in the day.

Huh… I was going to work at one of the passes during the ride, but cancelled because I had to leave town the next day. Too bad, I might have been able to find out more…

2012 uniclyclist

His name is Dave Barr and he only did Ebbets. he started out about 2 hours early.

Injecting the other pic of Dave Barr as photographed by William Buckley.

Very nice champagne Conundrum 26 with Larry tire :slight_smile:

At least the climbing is minimal at just 2.2% average grade.