Unicyclist Hit By Bus!

I hope he’s recovering…Thank you to each and every one of those people that came together to lift that bus off him.

Does anyone know if he’s a regular on here?

Nasty accident. Hope he gets better. Where I live the traffic is quiet but still I prefer to avoid the main busy roads as you never know…

keeping my fingers crossed that he will recover completely soon.

Maybe some unicyclists from London area could visit him in hospital?

This newspapers latest says he is in a serious but stable condition, which sounds hopeful…

I’m hoping the best for him.

If he will ever be able to ride a unicycle again, he will definitely need a new one. Maybe UDC UK couldgive him a new one as gift?

Anyone know who it was yet?

His uni (what’s left of it) looks more like a performer uni than a commuter… Was he a street performer, or a trials guy or something like that?

Hope he’s OK!

From one of the pictures you can read/tell it is an ‘Indy’ unicyle (I’ve got one myself). Rght now I think their unicyles for sale in the UK are 12’,16’, 20’,24’ freestyle/trainer, 19’ Trials and a giraffe.

I don’t, but an update to the itv article said he’s a 55 year old man if that narrows it down for anyone.

Newspaper comments by nincompoops

The world is overpopulated with blowhards who think they know something about a situation, despite plenty of evidence that they don’t, and who then bloviate about it on the internet. As is often the case, this poor rider is getting blitzed by ignorant people on the Daily Mail website (and other sites) who assume unicycling is unsafe. Such is life. It will be interesting to find out more details.

The daily mail is a cesspool for rude and ignorant people to post ill informed, opinionated comments. It is best ignored, as are many of its ‘devoted’ following.

I seriously hope this guy is OK. I wonder if he was passing the bus to get into the advanced bike area when the lights went green and the bus moved off with him in a blind spot.

If he still wants to ride, I wouldn’t be averse to chipping in for a new one for him.

I really hope he will recover.

As a regular unicommuter i know that there are sometimes situations where danger can’t be avoided no matter how careful you are. Judging from the pictures i think that the bus ran over him coming up from his side/rear. It is always a difficult to spot potential dangers from these angles. I doesn’t matter if you are on a unicycle or on a bicycle. Having said this it is true that on a bumpy road concentrating on the road just in front of you does lessen the situational awareness. In this case the road seems smooth enough though.

Let’s hope his injuries are not serious. According to the Daily Mail rag website the rider had dreadlocks. And the inane comments by posters on the site were just plain ignorant (especially the crap about how a unicycle has no brakes) but what do you expect? Most people have probably never seen a uni in real life, let alone know how one works, and will forever associate it with circus / performance skills.
Another irony is that the London news bulletins today mentioned the death of two bicyclists on the city streets.
I often ride on London streets and I apply a safety first policy, but there’s always risks with other road users.

It’s hard to tell from the limited information but this looks like an excellent example of why a unicycle can actually be safer than a bike. This is just speculation but it looks to me like he was able to avoid being crushed by bailing off and leaving the uni behind. If he had been on a bike it would have been much more difficult to do so.

Possibly, but he might have been run over, hence the big effort to move the bus. But you’re right, a bicyclist would likely have come out in worse shape.

Hope he’s not left disabled. I think cycling a small wheeled uni on a busy main road is crazy :astonished: because you can’t accelerate out of a tight spot quick enough.

Even on a big wheel I wouldn’t dare.

It’s very sobering just looking at the state of his unicycling.

There’s plenty of thrills to be had on a unicycle without venturing into busy traffic.

My thoughts are with his family and the bus driver who will be traumatised by this terrible event.

Yeah, but I have also seen some crazy stuff in bike races that most unicyclist can’t do. I’ve also seen cyclist do some amazing bails http://www.cxhairs.com/2014/12/11/likeavos-2-2/ 4 min mark.
You could also ride faster out of the intersection, but that may not have helped in that situation

Wow, they lifted a double decker bus! The takeaway from this should be that even unicyclists get sympathy in traffic accidents. That was super-cool seeing a bunch of bystanders being able to move that bus. Hope the rider is okay.

It would be interesting to know more about the circumstances of the actual collision, but the point being made here is that an accident happened and people immediately rushed in to help.