unicyclist haters

Did ppl ever yell at u cauz u uni ? I always get it from the red necks !

It is not because you ride a unicycle. It is because they are stupid.

ya I kno haha

I’ve lived small town and big city…

… the small town taunts hurt more … since you probably know them, or would meet them someday.

… the big city taunts are more annoyances than hurtfull.

… there’s lots of threads about this stuff…

I think ‘we’ have determined it’s usually a knucklehead (with friends) that feels the need to ‘feel superior’ or a ‘need for more attention than you are getting’ in the presence of the his peers.



I always just try and start fights with them. Who wants to say they got their ass kicked by someone who rides a unicycle?

After your done whooping their ass, just tell em they got clowned:p

ha! clowned :stuck_out_tongue:

THat’s really funny.

Well, I’m not sure, but I think this might be a unicyclist hater.
(or just a guy that only met people who’d only meet idiots).
But feel free to reply his post.


I did. Let’s see if he responds.

ya i get yelled at sometimes from the passing pickup truck and sometimes mountain bikers…grr…oh those mountain bikers, think they are cooler than a unicyclist…sheesh:D

Re: Idiots…

He did. But his words sound not really fascinating nor charming to me.

you guys did it now …

Anthony Pisses Off Unicyclists

Usually trolls have to come here to get flamed about unicycling.

People, save your energy. It’s much more interesting when we’re flaming each other.

… from what I’ve read in the “About” section …

The two authors are just out of high school.
No indications of higher education.

I really don’t see any real value in the site.
It’s really not informative…

It’s just a bunch of ‘free thought’ spreading ‘bias’ fueled from hate.

That doesn’t speak very highly of Pittsburgh area high schools. The website authors’ brand of caustic and vituperative invective is more indicative of a playground mentality.

You’re right. It’s not worth feeding their attention-starved egos.

Thanks JJuggle, I needed that.

I was actually getting really annoyed- maybe even a little too annoyed. I think that was the first time I’ve gotten really defensive to ignorant non-riders. Then again, I am a newbie (literally; my first uni’s being shipped right now) so before this I’ve never had a reason to get defensive. If those guys want to think unicycling is dumb, then that’s their problem, but I didn’t want them telling the readers of their blog that you guys, the riders, were the idiots.

Just out of high school you say, DigitalDave? Kind of makes me feel better. I’m just out of high school too and at least I know I got the better education…

I’m gonna leave it here for my first ever unicyclist.com forum post :slight_smile: I’ve been lurking for a couple weeks (why does that have to sound so sleazy? lol) but I finally registered and I just had to have Unicyclist #2 as my username. And no, that is obviously not my real name rolls eyes.

LOL, people just stare at me!

Re: unicyclist haters

Haha, usually the rednecks aren ice to me, since i pretty much am one…lol…i get hte most taunts from teens and skaters…

Edit: Prolly cause my skill on the uni is better than all there comine skill on there skateboards…fucking posers!

Edit again: HTe good skateboarders that arent posers, never knock on me its just hte posers i hate, so dont go blabbin at me about hating skaters, i got no probs with skaters, i hang out with them all the time, but posers get i jealus or somthing…

ya ur right usualy the bmxing posers and skateboarding posers yell at me the good ones think its swet all the bmxers love my uni cauz its got profile crnaks and hub hahaha well the good bmxers.,…