Unicyclist harassed by cops in Salt Lake City!

There are so many stories that can begin with that simple sentence… :smiley:

Gerble, I know that peoples own experiences color the way they look at the world. I also know that you are extremely intelligent. There is no way that comment was made as a suggestion about their sexual orientation. If it was meant that way, I would be really surprised. I think a lot of kids use that expression in a derogatory way w/o insinuating someone is actually gay.

And to keep it on topic, it will be interesting to see how the PD treats all the unicyclists that will converge on their city at one time next month.

Note, severley off-topic, please ignore if you don’t want to read a rant against slurs.

I hear that phrase plenty and know what it means. Kids regularly get called f’gs at my school and ethier get in fights over it or don’t bat an eyelash.

I also know that not only do people’s experiences color the way they look at the world, but in cases such as Canadian rugby’s, so does their lack thereof. He’s probably met fewer gay people in his life than I can say hi to in a day. He can pull off using the ignorance and slurs such as the one above because he never see’s it’s effects and is ignorant to the population it derides. Also, I honestly don’t care whether he was insinuating that the officers were gay. That’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is that he deemed the ajective “gay” a derogatory and insulting word, which offends me. I don’t care about the officers, and I’m not offended by someone insulting them.

I’m sorry for yet another off-topic thread.

P.S. As a little trivia, bugman, please define for me the noun “Numba One Stunna.” And not literally, but the way it’s interpreted by kids. Then, tell me you know what kids mean when they toss around insults.

it’s equivalent to calling someone a gay f’g. Get it?

When kids are out to insult something or someone, they make sure that ethier the point is crystal clear or as hard to decipher as an enigma code written in latin.

Well, off topic but I promise to use less vertical space…

Notice the guy using the non-PC comment did not imply anyone was gay. “That’s gay” does not mean the same thing as “He’s gay.” Is it in bad taste? Yes. Was your original response to that a little over the top? Yes.

Anyway, for all the riders going to NAUCC, if you ride around downtown, as I’m sure some of us will, I’m sure we will be fine if we behave ourselves. If you ride in any fountains, expect to be rousted!

Your right, I was a bit over the top. Sorry.

I think that was more the point I wanted to make, rather than defend his use of the word.

Does anyone else find it funny that the guy who objected was named gerble? (sic?)

Political hyper-correctism is nothing but censorship under the guise of enlightened thinking.

The phrase “that is gay”, is a common expression used without any reference at all to sexuality.

Yes! You’ve figured it out! My real name is gerble! Just like your name is ej, bugman’s name is bug, doofe’s name is doofe, and canadianrugby’s name is canadian (oh, wait, i guess that one doesn’t work, does it now :roll_eyes: )

Seriously, what’s so funny about a screen name, and what does it have in common or have to do with with anything?

Also, call it political hyper-correctionism, and I will call it speaking up when I feel offended. Also, one doesn’t censor the words themselves, they censor the meaning. I was making a point about the words, and gave alternatives that would convey the point better. That wasn’t censorship. Do you think that when the NSA wants to censor an agent they just ask them to change their wording? No. They tell the agent to ethier shut their yap, black out certain phrases entirely, or shut his yap for him. That constitutes censorship.

Also, ej, you didn’t actually read bugman’s post did you? If you did, you’d know your post is a waste of time. And in resonse to it I say read back a few of my posts in this thread. That’s my answer.

Bugman: I see. Also, the post of mine after yours was way too aggressive now that I read back. I feel like an overreactive idiot. Sorry, I’ll try to re-read them before I hit “post reply”.

To summarize my disagreement, here’s how I feel:
“The phrase “that is gay”, is a common expression used without any reference at all to sexuality.” That’s not a justification for using “that’s gay” in a derragatory or offensive manner. It’s more often than not more offensive to gay people than the people being insulted. How would you like to be compared the incompetence of those officers? I wouldn’t.

Right. It’s like saying the thing or person you’re talking about it so ridiculous, stupid, or unworthy of respect, that it’s as bad as being gay.

We used to have a phrase in English, “That’s niggardly,” or the phrase, “he Jewed me.” (I don’t know if those are used in the correct way, since they were used before my time)

Why don’t we use them anymore? They had nothing to do with someone’s race or religion, but they implied that being part of those groups was a negative thing. We wouldn’t ever say, “that’s a caucasian thing to do,” because it doesn’t imply anything negative. But saying something is “gay” is both deriding both the sexual preference and the thing that was being made fun of.

Does this explain anything, or am I just complicating the issue?


i hear about people riding downtown in burlington, vermont, who almost get busted by the cops, but i’ve never heard of this guy. sorry

For all my supposed articulated-ness and long-winded-ness, I couldn’t have saidf it better myself. People do use “Jew 'em down” still, though. It’s supposedly a synonym for the word “bargain.”

“That’s mighty white of you.”

Another racist phrase that some people still use. Yuck.

From your information: The words “niggardly” and niggard," meaning miserly and miser having nothing two do with a certain offensive racial epithet. This is merely a case of two words having a similar sound, but totally different meanings. Look the words up in your dictionary if you don’t believe me.

Re: Unicyclist harassed by cops in Salt Lake City!

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paco <paco@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote:
)We used to have a phrase in English, “That’s niggardly,” or the phrase,
)“he Jewed me.” (I don’t know if those are used in the correct way,
)since they were used before my time)

The term “niggardly” has no relation to the term “nigger”, other than
a phonetic similarity.