Unicyclist Gathering: Melbourne, Australia

Hey folks,

There’s a bunch of unicyclists who have been meeting beside the Museum
here in Melbourne, more or less monthly, for the past 6 months or so.
We will be meeting again this sunday - expect people to start showing
up at around two-ish, on the Nicholson St side of the Museum.

It would be good to see some new faces there. Please, if you are in the
city (or even just in the state - we often have folk from ballarat and
castlemaine) and enjoy unicycling, whatever your skill level, consider
showing up.


I’ve just forwarded this on to Gary of www.unicycles.com.au to put up in the rides section of his site - I hope you don’t mind.

How many riders do you get per ride usually? Are you going to the Chiltern Muni Weekend? Are you one of the people I met at the Australian Bike Show (sorry to forget)?


Re: Unicyclist Gathering: Melbourne, Australia

Being posted on Gary’s site is fine - more exposure is good, after all.
I’ll try to remember to let him know once we pick a date for January so
that he can spruik that for us too.

I think we normally get 8 or 10, but I don’t actually count them. I
just think about how many we had afterwards and generally say “eh, that
seemed like a few people less than a dozen”

Yeah, I met you at the Australian Bike Show, but I was probably the
least memorable unicyclist there :slight_smile:

I do remember meeting you, just didn’t remember the name. Looked like you’ve got a great bunch of keen riders there.