Unicyclist Food

What Do You Guys Think The Best Unicyclist Food Is? :thinking:

hmm… a hearty healthy breakfast? lol. I’m going vegan :), its gonna be hard

While Kris Holm is the best unicyclist, he’s a bit lean for my taste. I suspect he’d be a bit chewy.

I’d think Jeff Groves would make the best unicyclist food.

Seriously, what kind of unicycling are you doing? A distance rider is going to have a much different diet than a trials rider…

I eat the same foods as I would for similar activities. Since I’m into endurance riding, that’s high carb easily digested foods. These include breads, cookies, sugar water (sports drink, soda, whatever), sports food like energy gels or bars, etc.

Well, my unicycle really loves to eat little pebbles it picks up on the trail! It really gobbles 'em up especially if it hasn’t eaten in a day or two!:wink: OH sorry, you said unicyclist! Um…carbs before the ride and protein after. :slight_smile:

Holy smokes, Vegan at 15? I’m only vegitarian, no way I could at this age.

how does the whole vegan thing work?

like you dont eat food made or FRom animal or somthing???

I have waaaay more evergy if I don’t eat anything within two hours of my rides, and then only a light meal. You can load up with pasta carbs the night before and it will give you plenty of lasting energy for the next days ride…which should be in the morning lol.

If you eat a big meal too soon before ride (I’m talking mostly about longer MUni rides) your body will be too busy digesting the meal and will reduce your energy level and sap your body of needed oxygen. Eat light at least 2 hours before your ride, and then take a couple snacks and plenty of water.

bah, vegan isn’t NEAR as healthy as a balanced diet.

There is only one answer:

I would like to hear what you would recommend for the trials diet.

Well I’ll chime in here and take a stab at it; A good “trials” diet should inlcude at least one trials lawyer! I know it’s only one, but it’s a good start!:stuck_out_tongue:

Home brewed kefir.

I completely agree. Not sure about the mosquitos… maybe I should try it. :roll_eyes:

think of it as extra protein…and it’s free! :sunglasses:

The best ultrarunner in the world, Scott Jurek, is a vegan. One can get all the nutrients they need without animal products, it just takes being dedicated to nutritional literacy, knowing what you’re eating and what you need.

cheese and hotsauce or a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. i also made a mayo, cottage cheese, and pickle burrito yesterday. yum!


A nutritious capital letter for each word gets me ready for some good trials.

Serious answer: brownies and a banana.

vomits explosively

Here’s my unicycling food.
Breakfast) Weet Bix.

Lunch) 3 apples at least.

Afternoon snack) Powerade and Bounty bar.

and if it’s a night time ride…

Night time snack) Peanut butter and a water bottle.