Unicyclist Finder Problems

I have been trying to update, or re-create my unicyclist profile on this page…


Unfortunately I do not show up in the the Boulder, CO section at all anymore. I tried to update and it says thanks for updating and everything but I don;t see it listed there. Been having this problem for months. ANYONE know whats up?

I, Have the same problem. :frowning:

anyone else have this problem…or know how to fix it???

Thanks for the useful input, UniKid2.

What is your name? Maybe we can see it. Apparently you know your username and password or the website wouldn’t acknowledge that you had updated. I don’t think there is a Boulder, Colorado section, just a Colorado section. It will list your city as Boulder there.

I just updated my listing, I asked it to show my e-mail but it did not, it did make the other changes though.

Has anyone had any luck sending someone on the roster an e-mail by clicking the e-mail link? I remember trying last year and got no response from anyone, I then tried sending an e-mail to myself and never received it.

I have tried registering several times and it says thank you but never puts me on the list. It makes me feel dejected and I cry myself to sleep at night. Yeah I wondered what was up with it also.