Unicyclist crash on Nothing Toxic.

While doing the daily tour of sites, I randomly found a vid on Nothing Toxic . com, envolving a unicyclist in a panfull looking crash. No-one from here is it?

Not posting a link as I can’t be bothered with any bitching regarding the other ‘‘inapropriate material’’ on the site.

However, it’s not hard to find, it’s on the forementioned site, added today so it’s on the first page.

That’s Goats_on_Unicycles - he posted it in the videos section a few days ago. He says he wasn’t badly hurt - “just a bit of internal bleeding” :astonished:


EDIT: Here’s the thread

Aah, I rarely venture in to the video section.

‘‘Just’’ a bit of internal bleeding, nothing to worry about then. :roll_eyes:

also turned up at the top of break.com, goats someone bagged $400 on your behalf, might want to have a chat with them about that

Woah, $400? How does that all work out?

I need to start watermarking all the videos I upload so people cant claim them as their own.

Damn, I think knowing that’d sting more than the crash.

Methinks someone might want to mention that it’s not the persons vid they think it is, and drop them the link to the vid on the forums here.

Haha it says resulting in multiple broken ribs :roll_eyes:

I don’t see why you didn’t link to it. There’s nothing THAT bad. Least not that I’ve seen.

Well with people on here bitching over thread names and the like, I figured the other material on the site would would be more than enough reason to whinge. I’ve seen plenty worse too, but some members here won’t like the site.


Is that Phil in the background calmly adressing his screams of pain?

submit a video to break.com that gets on the front page and you get $400. They seem little concerned about whether you own it or not.