Unicyclist count

After looking at this thread


I see there are an average of 3 unicycles owned by each person.

Only 740 unicyclist responded to the thread. According to the member list there are over 5300+ members.

I’m curious how many actual unicyclist are out there and what the average # of unicycles/ unicyclist.

While the thread you point out isn’t a random sample (self-selecting and what not), I would bet that it’s the most representative one you’re going to get.

So I think it’s safe to conclude that the average # of unicycles/uniclist is very close to 3.

Although, thinking about it further, that self-selecting aspect would most likely bias the results towards the more active members of this unicycle community which I would guess covaries positively with number of unicycles. So a case could be made for a smaller average number for the full member list.