unicyclist.com webspace

I know it’s been in the forums before, but my unicyclist.com webspace is not yet approved. I have email Gilby a couple of times, but still have not heard back from him. Does anyone know what the deal is here? Anyone else having this problem?

i have as well i’ve been a member for quite a while now and mine still isn’t approved…

i had that problem when i first registered. i gave up on it. i didn’t really have much planned for it anyway. good luck.


I had that problem for some time. Here is what I did:

I uploaded the web site that I wanted to use and PM’d Gilby with the description of the web site, what my intentions were, and the fact that it had been uploaded. He looked at the site and approved it shortly after.

I think that the key was sending a PM to Gilby rather than an e-mail.