Unicyclist.com tee shirts


We received the blue Unicyclist.com shirts with the yellow logo. Ben and Brad both wore them to school yesterday and received many, many postitive comments on the shirts and especially the logo design. The boy’s teachers loved both the design and color.

Well done!


I wish they had them in 2XL. Usually after the first wash, 1XL (which often just fits before the wash) is just too small.

Otherwise I’d already have ordered the yellow-on-blue.


Awww… come on Lewis… you could cut the bottom edge ragged and do the 80’s Medona look- show off those aba-daba’s. :slight_smile:



It isn’t the stomach where I have trouble. Anyway, contrary to popular belief, t-shirts don’t really hide girth. :slight_smile:

My problem is in the shoulders and neck … most 1XL shirts barely fit either, and after 1 wash, they are way too tight.

I suppose the solution is to never bathe and never do laundry. Just keep on sweating in the same ripe outfits. :slight_smile:

Well the other option is to buy 2XL.


I usually have to cut the sleeves off so I can get them over my bisceps. If I try to stretch it over it’s guaranteed that as soon as I reach for something and bend my arm at the elbow that the sleeves will explode. Gilby’s shirts seem to fit OK, however. I’m wearing a navy with yellow print right now and had no trouble lifting the front end of the campus trash truck so the guys could change a tire. (So often I am asked on the phone, “so…what are you wearing?”)

Heh, Greg is putting his kids through colloge by pimping himself out on a 1-900 number. Take it from me, Greg: you’ll never get ahead as long as you have that Gamma Ray monkey on your back. That’s a fact.

So, what are you wearing right now?



I don’t view having a large neck and shoulders as bragging. You try walking around looking like your neck got stung by 1000 ants, or like you drank a gallon of whole milk every day for 10 years as a kid, and see if you arent forced to upgrade your shirt size. :slight_smile:


Lewis is just guesstimating on the number of gallons- it’s really hard to say for sure when you’re holding the cow overhead to get the last drop.


I can juggle three cows while idling a giraffe.

No, that is a precise number. I had a quota.


This kind of comment is what we single men like to call a euphemism. However, with Greg, I can’t tell.