Unicyclist.com is now on the new server

Late last night, I transfer the unicyclist.com website over to the new webserver and also upgraded all of the software to the latest version. Please let me know if there are any issues with the new setup.

Thank you Gilby, is much faster!

Don’t know if its a server issue or otherwise, but I can’t ftp stuff to our club site - a free unicyclist.com site I’ve had for years. my password doesn;t seem to be recognised. I’ve tried 4 differnt ftp programes. will PM as well with details.

Is it really?

I haven’t noticed a change in speed.

Seems a big difference for me, much faster.

Good to hear :slight_smile:

Maybe because I’ve only tried it on WIFI while I’m used to my home computer’s direct connection. I’ll see what’s the deal when I try it at home.

Way Faster! Thanks Gilby!

It is much faster… and cooler too. Awesome thanks!


Exactly the same for me here since I joined and now.

ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.

i get this error every time i try log into webmail now… im not sure if its coincidence or has something to do with the changeover. will keep trying.

It was a permissions issue. It should work now.

The “search this thread” function now only appears when you are logged in. The “search” and “search this forum” functions are still available while not logged in. The site seems to be more reliable. There used to be times every day when it became tired and wouldn’t respond.

The “donate” button needs to be in BIG FONT IN A BRIGHT COLOR.

There are some images that aren’t accessible yet. This might happen on the german language template. New images that come with vBulletin software update are missing. E.g. “Multi-Quote This Message”

Thanks for pointing that out. It is now fixed.

SSL error

I am getting an error from my email client when attempting to logon with TLS, error is ‘not an SSL server’. I changed to logon with ‘NOTLS’, which works, but TLS had worked. Perhaps the new certificate is not installed?

Chris M

There is a mystery last page in the What song are you listening to right now? thread. The forum thinks it goes to page 163, but it only has 162 pages of posts.

I have the posts per page set to the forum default.

Hey, I am trying to edit my sig to remove the great chicago meetup thread because we now have a chicago group(love this feature!).
When I try to remove it, it says I cant have my sig 250 characters including BB code markup. I would like to have my superwrap 2nd place trophy in color and i am sure many others would too but the limit on the sig is to short for this. If you could make it longer or make it not include BB code markup that would be great!