Unicyclist.com Gallery

Does anyone know if you can set a highlight picture in the gallerys?
I have seperate albums within my gallery, so would i just have to put a picture in the main page of the gallery, or is there a way you can set a highlight? To see what i meen, click here! (the gallery is ‘cool.unicyclist.com

Please Help. Any advise would be great!


Hey, nice gallery. Asside from the options under each picture when editing… don’t rightly know. Would be easy to drop a pic in your main folder and set it as the highlight photo, though. Does each gallery have a simmilar pull down menu for the face picture?


Oh, ya: those bell-bottoms are a hoot! And the red-on-blue cycle rocks!- makes me wish they had a bright orange 24" Hookworm. Any plans for a frame paint?


Re: Unicyclist.com Gallery

Great pics, keep 'em coming.

Go into your gallery and log in. Then click on the drop down below the album and select “highlight album”