Unicyclist.com Forum Mentioned in FSC Article

I wanted to thank everyone in this forum who’s helped me learn more about unicycling. I started a thread here a little while ago, saying that I was a columnist for Fringe Sports Central and was writing about unicycling but didn’t know very much. The outpouring of advice and direction was fantastic and hopefully the articles I have planned based on those posts will live up to the high standard everyone here has set.

Read the first article to come out of that thread here. It mentions this forum and highly recommends it to all my readers. Thanks, again.

fantastic article.

Totally sweet.
(especially the bit at the bottom about how cool and nice we all are)

Re: Unicyclist.com Forum Mentioned in FSC Article

It’s a good article. But where it says about Roger Davies “not only
winning the Muni but also the marathon as well” that’s a little
inaccurate. Granted, Roger was first in his agegroup (40+) on the
marathon, but in the overall list he ended in fourth place. Still,
with his broken arm (broken at Unicon) in a cast, a super achievement!

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