unicyclist.com e-mail trouble - is anybody there ?

I created a new account last sunday under the name “mz”, asking e-mails
to mz@unicyclist.com to be redirected to Marc.Zirnheld@teaser.fr.

Since then, every test e-mail I sent did bounce (550
<mz@unicyclist.com>… Can’t create output). I reviewed the options and
found nothing wrong.

I reported this failure through the “contact” page
(http://www.unicyclist.com/contact/) and had no answers.

I also asked on the “requests” administration forums on uniclyst.com and
got no replies.

Gilby is not accepting e-mails.

Any idea ?

Hi Marc

I too have a similiar problem to you. I registered a new user name last Sunday which was created ok but I’m unable to access emails for the new user. I have also sent emails to Gilby as you have, without replies.


Both of your accounts are fixed and should work.


Many thanx, its working ok.
Just curious, was the problem caused by something I did ? (or didnt do)


No, it was caused by me playing around with some digital certificates on the web server and this prevented the sign up script from being able to communicate with the system to create a new email account.

Re: unicyclist.com e-mail trouble - is anybody there ?

On Sun, 27 Oct 2002 20:00:17 GMT, Marc.Zirnheld@teaser.fr (Marc
Zirnheld) wrote:

>Gilby is not accepting e-mails.
Usually, Gilby is quick to respond when you write to
<gilby (at) unicyclist (dot) com>

Klaas Bil

I posted only a single copy of this message.

So in other words, the thing-a-ma-jig wasn’t talking to the watchcha-ma-callit?

Again, many thanx
I appreciate the service you provide

Yes, it works fine at present – many thanks.

Whenever I try to log in it says:

Unknown user or password incorrect.
Click here to try again

But I can post messages and access my control panel, is this the same problem or something different?

And i cant check my mail

Same problem. If you want an email account or want to have a unicyclist.com website, then let me know and I’ll fix that.