Unicyclist(coker) spotted in DC on the custis/w&od trail?

My friend said she saw a unicyclist on the custis trail(near the W&OD trail) near DC the other day(or last week) on a coker, or a unicycle with a large wheel as she put it. I was trying to think of other people in the area that have cokers but I could only think of Cyberbellum and Nick brazzi, and they dont match her description. Anyone know who this mystery rider could have been? Maybe it was Frank, but I dont think he has a coker yet…

I have been riding on the W&OD and Custis trail once a week into DC on my Coker and I have not bumped into a unicyclist yet, but it would be great to have someone to ride with in the area.

Maybe it was you.

That was my first question to her, but no, it was not me.