Unicyclist - Beginner Guide?

Hello my dear Unicyclists! I have just recently stumbled across this great way of bike exercising. :slight_smile:

I think that it’s rather fascinating to be able to controll this crazy one-wheeled bike so I thought that I’d like to give it a shot as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

So therefore I am looking for some kind of Beginner Guide. :sunglasses:

It could very well be a Video Series or anything of that kind, I couldn’t really find anything.

Every help is appreciated a lot! Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Best greets and have a beautiful day,

your always sunny Vaas. :o

This was the first one that I looked at:

Short and sweet, covered the basics…

I learned using this book:

Ride the Unicycle: A Crash Course : Learn to Ride the Unicycle Quickly and Safely!
Book by Gregg Vivolo

It’s inexpensive, easy and quick to read, and I had no trouble learning to ride by following the instructions in it. I highly recommend it.

If you want video, just google ‘YouTube learn unicycling’ or something similar and plenty will appear. If you use the search facility on this forum, look up ‘learning journal’ or ‘beginner’ and you will find lots of helpful stories. But really, there is no trick to this that anyone can teach you; it is just doing it until your brain and muscle memory catches on. I learned very recently, and much as you long for there to be something someone can say to help you, there probably isn’t. Help and support here is amazing, though, in helping you to stick with learning.
It boils down to
A) get a unicycle and adjust the seat so that your leg is almost straight with the pedal at its lowest point. Probably also get some wrist guards and a helmet.
B) if possible find a longish wall or fence with a smooth surface underneath, like a gym or tennis court. This is probably the most important piece of advice I was given. If I had carried on just on my garden patio, I would probably never have got it. Space really helps, so that when you begin to ‘get it’ you can just go where the uni takes you and not be inhibited by nearby obstacles.
C) practice sitting on the unicycle and gently rocking it with your feet to get the feel for it.
D) start pedalling half a revolution at a time, using the wall or fence to balance, with your feet starting and ending in the 3-9 o’clock position (because in the 6-12 o’clock position, known as the ‘dead zone’ it is hard to keep moving).
E) keep doing that until you find you can push away from the fence for a few pedals.
F) keep on keeping on until it works. This may be in a week or three months. Then you can start learning things like steering and mounting without a wall.

Hi Vaas76, pleased to relate to you. I am currently within the re-learning people on here, I am not very good at the moment, but I can manage a few metres. If you take on board, all the above stuff that other have sent in, then you have everything you need to know. Each person’s learning curve is different, so time is immaterial really. All I can offer, is that you have to persevere with it, I found it often hurts, but is worth it, I found my stamina wanting, but I am now getting fitter as a result, I practice whenever I can which is a few times a week for an hour or so a day. I have advanced quite considerably as time goes by. The initial start is hard, but every time you climb on board, you are learning, and setting the balance knowledge inside of your brain, to be co-ordinated for the next time…

Good luck, it can be done by anyone as I am living proof of that… !!

My dear fellow unicyclists,

thank you very much for your help. The videos are great! I have been lookin for just that. Great Community!

@Regina I completly agree, the key is to never give up, eben though it might seem hard (and indeed hurts sometimes :)) in the beginning.

So as I said, thanks a lot!

Best Greetings,