Unicyclist at TV show

[I posted this on unicyclist.com but it doesn’t seem to appear on rec.sport.unicycling]

One of my club’s unicyclists attempted to win some money at a very
stupid TV show called Bigdil (yes, that name comes from Big Deal).

His performance was mild and he won only 750 euros. He must have been
stressed to be on air, and I can testify he performs much better

You can look at the video here :

(12 Mbytes, 8 minutes, DivX 5.0.5).

Wow. Very brave guy! The floor was slippery after he got wet.

Your original post made it to the news server I use.

Bummer about the guys case of nerves. It does look like he got a bit of stage fright. The slippery floor didn’t help after he got wet. The ramp up to the plank over the water also looked like it might have been slippery. Oh well. 750 Euros isn’t too bad. It’s more than enough to be able to buy another unicycle.

How much could he have gotten if he made it all the way through the course?

I don’t understand any French so I wasn’t able to follow any of the dialog.

shame he got stage fright… you could see it,

John, by the looks of it, i think he could of won that motorbike.


Re: Unicyclist at TV show

On Sun, 14 Mar 2004 10:26:43 +0100, Marc Zirnheld wrote:

>[I posted this on unicyclist.com but it doesn’t seem to appear on >rec.sport.unicycling]

Thanks for the vigilance but I got the original post on Usenet.

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“Heck, even my toes were aching from trying to grip the soles of my shoes! - Tommy Thompson”

that was a really weird show. he didnt do that well. o well