Unicyclist/Assistant wanted, this Saturday in Modesto, CA

I’m doing my annual performance at the Modesto Cycling Festival, but I’ve been unable to find someone to go with me to work the music and hand me a prop or two. I can do without, but the show is much smoother with a music operator.

If you’re a unicyclist you can also make an appearance in the show, especially if you like doing big drops or other stuff I’m not likely to do. In fact, whatever you’re good at!

The show is at 12:45pm and will run for about 45 min. I will ride a bunch of different unicycles (and artistic bike) with a little storyline for each, a talk on helmets (the city’s requirement) and some silliness. If you can make it, you will be treated to gas money and lunch after the show (your choice of place).

The Modesto Cycling Festival consists of a Criterium bike race, an obstacle course competition for bike cops, two shows by the Giant BMX Stunt Team and more. I’ll be using the Giant sound system and ramps (a little). The performing area is I Street, which is several lanes wide and pretty smooth, though you have to watch the lane markers.

The pictures starting here are from 2004, when there was also a performance by Uni Psycho Mania, a local group in the Modesto area. If you’ve never seen a high-end pro BMX show, those are pretty cool as well.

If you’re interested please shoot me an email at the address below!