Unicyclist abuse caused by excess testosterone

I am sure we have all received abusive comments from Joe-No-Brains-Public at some point in time. Now it appears a unicycling doctor has an explanation. Turns out we are just too attractive to the opposite sex. Although, unfortunately I don’t have any personal evidence of this :frowning:

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I totally believe the initial response sais a lot about the personality of person,
negative, postive, contructive, destructive, open-minded, narrow-minded, etc. etc.

But I get as many of the snide comments as the men do so I wonder how that fits his theory? Perhaps I will try to contact him.

Responses on the article of the general audience

That puts an end to my idea of unicycling wearing a dress :o

Is it mainly lads that give you abuse, or do you also get it from the ladies?

I can put up with the “where’s your other wheel” and clown jokes, but all too often it is far more abusive. Even had some lads throwing half drunk cans of Red Bull at me once. By far the most abusive are boys around 16 although occasionally people much older show their lack of maturity. I suspect it has more to do with intelligence and upbringing than testosterone.

Totally exclusively lads and men. The lads are the worst - I’ve had stones thrown at me twice and been spat at. If that’s a sense of humour, I’ll do without it. :frowning:

Hey Cathy, I am truly schocked. Never experienced anything like that. Wish I had some advice …

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That’s OK. I don’t need advice. Just to be listened to occassionally. :slight_smile:

so “scientific” evidence is that brits males have more testosterone: I never got abusive comments until I tried unicycling in England.
I really appreciate many british traits but not that one :frowning:
home I have met gangs of shady characters who made appreciative comments to a senior on one wheel … so their testosterone was obviously affected ?

And in Finnish :smiley: http://www.tiede.fi/uutiset/uutinen.php?id=3184

The original article was discussed here : Sex, aggression, and humour: responses to unicycling

P.S.: Finnish is really impossible to understand for foreigners… :expressionless: