Unicycling's gifts - More Than Just Balance?

Hi Everybody , I have visited this site several times but only today I got around to posting here. I have been unicycling for several years but am a slow learner and only now have learned a simple free mount, but can ride without too many UPDs. ‘Graceful dismount’ is something I have decided not to learn at all !

I simply love unicycling and am totally awed by the expertise of so many unicyclists combining raw power, grace, immense skill and above all - courage.

I have been using Unicycling as a metaphor for many things over the years in teaching and writing - for it communicates brilliantly. Entrepreneurship, Start-up Strategy, Financial Inclusion simulation and lately Business Enterprise Management are concepts that readily respond to Unicycle arguments.

I hope to be able to post some of the stuff in our Forums. Any advice would be appreciated.

Meanwhile Happy Unicycling and stay safe wherever you are.

Regards and good luck

PS: The World is becoming weirder by the day. I was at the Bank yesterday and they insisted I wear a Mask :smiley:

Welcome :slight_smile: