I just thought that we should all make a thread about loving unicycling… I love unicycling…

If we all made a thread about loving unicycling can you imagine how over-loaded the internet would be?

just reply here and tell everyone how muuuuccchhhh u LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE UNICYCLING

I love unicycling so much, I almost choked on it!

i almost choked on your zuccunni!

i love unicycling yes, its like a good one wheeled bike that you cant put down.

i fell for unicycling right away

If you love unicycling that much why are you not riding now?

i want to makeout with unicycling

I don’t like unicycling.

bicicyles are harmful to the economy…

unicycles are dumb, only clowns ride unicycles!!

There’s your thesis, here’s your support.

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Yay! That’s why I hate sleeping so much… I can’t unicycle while I’m asleep :frowning:


uninycling is pretty cool i guess…

Why use 2 wheels or 4 when u can ride in just 1:P

or 8 :astonished:

unicycling ruined my life…

haha. You too? Unicyclist ruined my relationship.

Uh…unicycling made me have…balance. And difference…