To All Unicycling Riders,

    I'm trying to organize a small group of riders to get together for rides
    in either NY or NJ. All riding levels can participate. I have a website
    called "<a href="http://www.muniac.com/">www.muniac.com</a>" which has information about mountain unicycling
    and other related goodies. If you don't ride off-road or extreme, please
    don't be put off because many of the rides are on city/street terrain.
    Andrew Katz was kind enough to share names with me so I've added to his
    list via the NJ directory of unicyclists to see who's out there and who
    might want to participate in group rides with other one wheelers. If
    you're not presently unicycling or don't have an interest in these
    activities please let me know and I'll remove you from the mailing list.
    This e-mail is not a marketing gimmick or other junk communication so
    it's okay to respond back. Unicycling is sort of a high end sport so
    people that know how to do it aren't exactly growing on trees. I hope
    the website, e-mails and word-of-mouth will develop an interest in
    unicycling and lead to an active mailing list. Visit Muniac Manor for
    information about rides and other stuff. For those who have already been
    there I apologize for the duplicate communication. Any and all comments
    are welcomed. Thanks much.

“The Muniac” (Scott Bridgman)

e-mail: scott@muniac.com web visit: www.muniac.com

Mountain UNIcycling ACtion