I too just started and can only ride about an hour a week. Anyway, turning
wasn’t a problem for me , but going in a straight line. I have found that if I
look in the direction I want to turn I will go. At first it will be a very wide
turn, but once you get the feeling try rotating with your thighs. Next you have
to lean, ever so slightly, in the direction you want to go. Don’t lean over to
far or down you go.

Next come to a stop and twist your hips in whatever direction you want to turn.
Don’t be concerned about how far you turn just start pedaling again. After
awhile you will be able to turn 90 degrees.

Last but not least just keep trying and you will do it. You might also try
facing a wall and just practice turning around in circles holding onto the wall.
this should help your body understand the movement.

Good luck ;-).

Now for my problem. While riding I seem to be always facing slightly to the
left. I ride a 24" Miyata and the wheel is offset to the left, facing forward. I
was wondering if this was the cause. I also notice that my left leg pushes
harder than my right and no matter how I try I can’t seem to correct this.

I began riding in January after the article on Mountain Unicycling. Three years
ago a crushed my right leg which is weeker than my left. I feel very comfortable
riding and ride to work once a week. The rest of the time I ride my regular road
bike. the farest I have ridden so far was 20 miles in 2 1/2 hrs.

A footnote for all those complaining about saddle sores. Try using a product
called Butt’r, (818)781-0287. This lubricates the rear end and does not clog the
pores. I have used it during the Race Across AMerica where I spent 22 out of 24
hours on a bike for 9 days straight. I had no problems with the rear end.

This is getting a little long for my first e-mail so will cut it short here.