unicycling Zip-up hoodies

Would there be any market for a unicycling zip up hooded sweatshirt, probobly a little bit lighter material so not really thick like some sweatshirts. Just curious if there would be any market for something like this becuase I’d really like one so I’m considering putting them into creation.

i maybe would, depending on the price/sheer incredibleness of what was on it

I definently would, make sure to make it really cool

Any ideas on the color of it and the design… I would probobly make a small logo or design on the upper left breast area and then it would have a larger logo/image on the back. It would alsoo have the stomach pocket things just like a regular sweatshirt…Well except that it would be split in half by the zipper, but you knkow what i mean.

Make it one of them where the zipper comes from the collar down about 5 inches, not all the way. That way you can touch your hands together through the pockets. I think these kind of sweatshirts are a lot better.

Any comments on GPickett’s suggestion? Good or bad? Yay or Nay?

I’d be ok with no zipper, and I like the pocket idea. If it was a heavier sweater that would be ok with me to, i’d wanna wear it when it’s cold and all that.


I think the zipper all the way down would be alot cooler. I have a dickies sweater that I have thats just like that and I absoluetly love it!!

I wish I’d started a pole…Let me know if you want the material heavier or lighter and also what your opinion is on the zipper. Though I think the hood is pretty much wanted all around.

I’d go for a full length zipper as it enables far better heat regulation ie closed when its cold and fully open for heat/ventilation- also easier to take off/put on. My clothing of choice for muni and 29-er is currently a standard grey full zip hoody.

I vote for the zipper only a few inches down from the collar and it doesn’t matter to me whether or not it’s light or heavy material. It absolutely has to be a kick ass design, though. You should make a few designs and let us vote on them. Later.


personally, if i was to get one, i would want the full zip one

I would definitely like to buy a unicycling hoodie, zipper or no. Normal ones are usually fairly expensive. I’m just talking like $30. I would buy one for that. Heavy or light material would work for me.


zip all the way down. I agree, its so much easier to take off, and when you get hot you can just unzip it

A big fan of ventilation, I say full zip…it’s just far more versatile that way

another vote for full zip

Allright, its lookin like a full zip, this should please all…those who only want it partially zipped fully zipped or no zippage, it can all be done with a full zip.

The material will probobly be heavy enough to keep warm if its coldish outside or windy but warm enough that you could wear it and do some trials or muni or just ride around in the summer time.

Now I need to know what kind of color or design/sayings you’d want on it. Also, another option would be to have a personalized name thing on the back, but if this were the case there would have to be more pre-planning. Lemme know what you think.

i think you would have better sales if you sold them in the fall. summer is around the corner and many riders may not want a sweatshirt.

well, let me think… aaahhhh, mmmmm. It would be more fun to see some sort of logo, because I’m doing word shirts eventually. How about just some cartoon with some guy riding a uni off road (like the moab muni fest 2004 t-shirt) but without the lame flute guy. ooh, ooh, I know! do a logo of a bike with a line going through it(like the no smoking signs) or same thing but with words saying two weels under the line (no two wheels…duh) I think that would be awsome. or have like a picture of a unicycle (like the G-B4 uni image) and make on fire or something. and another on the cross through idea, make a clown riding a unicycle with the cross going through it on the back, and then on the front show some image of a trials rider or muni rider without the cross through it but with the circle around it. and then over the front image, put the word “good” on top of it and then “bad” on the back logo. I could probably come up with a billion ideas, but I will stop here-----.

Two wheels ba a a d. Four legs go o o od.

Damn Animal Farm. Did anyone else’s brain say that when they read dubmuni’s post? High school messes you up.