Unicycling world records?

Ive looked and looked but i cant seem to find ant records and the ones that i have are like from 1980’s and i think those are outdated

Anyone whose heard/seen any, please post here and if possible please post the origin from which it came:)

Also, the only one i could find was the one in the guiness book ( not sure which year) was that the farthest jump was 9 feet 8"


hey, alex toms has set a record for the longest rail grind. that’s offical. but their other riders who can do longer that what he grinded i think, but they just haven’t done it officially with the guiness world records. type it in on youtube and have a look.


record from the most iuf disziplines. We need your help to complete the list and to have it always on the current status.

he also set the world record for biggest drop with 2.5m. i remember watching it on TV and he got it 3rd attempt. there was also a 3m platform but he didnt try it :frowning:

at unicon XII Yoggi did a drop like 3-4m…


but he didn’t land it as well:(

I watched Yoggi make several attempts at that big drop. But I don’t think it would be counted the same as a “strict” drop for height, which probably has to be to a solid, horizontal surface. Dropping to a big tire, or to slanted dirt, would be much different than that.

The 100 mile unicycle record is from the 80s (1987), at 6:44.

Longest distance on a unicycle in 24 hours by Ken Looi in february 2005, 378.7Km.

yea but he didnt land it and it was onto a tyre, not flat solid ground

That’s an old record - newest one is on here:


Longest distance within 24 hours male 453.800 meter Sam Wakeling
United Kingdom Aberystwyth 2007

That’ll be km, not metres - I reckon I could quite easily beat 453.8 m in 24 hours if I did some training :wink:


EDIT: Just realised what happened - you copied it straight from Dustin’s site didn’t you… and him being a euro type will use commas in stead of decimal points and vice versa. I’m an idiot.

Longest Rolling Hop: 3 meters unofficially by skrobo from the forums
24 hour backwards was like 50 something k’s i remember reading in a guiness world record book I think
Sidehop: 133cm with hand by Fabian, Mark and 130cm by Fabian, Hodges and Schulze.

Joe was here in Hungary last week, and i heard some rumour about a 142cm sidehop.
idk, i wasn’t there, don’t even know any video of it
i’ll ask some guys if they know some more about it

The official world record is 3 meters by Nico Wobig: http://www.einradfahren.de/index.php?module=mod_content&action=article&title=Rekorde&menu_id=58

I heard someone say Fabian’s record is now 135cm (I can’t remember where though)