Unicycling with Stomach on seat - Im pretty sure i got it

Im pretty sure i got it down but if someone could give me a pic that would be much apreciated because i wanna know if Im doing the right thing. A picture of a short vid would be great. If Im doing it right I have offically done 3 levels of unicycling in 11 months.

dont worry

dont worry to much about the levels the’re a good base line but just learn the tricks that look cool


Seat on the stomach is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. It would be much more beneficial to learn seat in front/back. If you can pull the seat out and put your stomach on it already, learning seat in front shouldn’t be hard at all for you.

Check out this awesome site for tips on pretty much everything. For seat in front riding, start by holding the seat tightly with one hand close to your body to restrict any lateral movement. Hold your other arm out wide for balance. Once you think you have that down, try holding the seat a few inches away from your body, and keep doing that until you can hold the seat at arm’s length with one finger (then learn to seat drag). This skill can actually progress into something useful - seat in front hops… and it just helps your overall balance improve.


Re: Unicycling with Stomach on seat - Im pretty sure i got it


omg i love u leo! thx so much and it turns out im doing it right! HURRAY!