unicycling with a cast?

Can you unicycle with a full arm cast? Seems like my plate in my arm is loosening. So they have to take the plate/screws out. I know I shouldnt, but can you? I will have 6 holes in my bones so thats why I have to get a cast. :angry: I just been on a break from the uni due to a pulled muscle. :angry: :angry:

depends how confident you are, im riding a bike when i get my half cast on my leg, but not a uni

I would ride my unicycle if I had my right arm in a cast. On the left? Probably, but I would be more hesitant.

You’ve got it all planned out?

Geez cbs, you’re a mess! LOL, sorry I had to get that in.

Like Alister said. Depends how confident you are. It doesn’t take much to land on your hands / face / ass etc…


I have a cousin who broke her arm roller skating many years ago. The doctor told her she could skate with the cast so long as she did not fall down. Maybe you can apply that logic to unicycling. :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure if its a good idea, with a full arm one on. It will weigh about 5 lbs and I cant bend my arm. I’ll try next to the wall and see how it is. I might have to wait until its a cast just to the elbow.

Yeah, my luck sucks! I never knew a broken arm could lead to 5 surgeries. :angry: Its going to be a looong 6 weeks!!

:slight_smile: the doctors already arranged a date for it to be removed, unless i fall on it badly and mess my whole leg up then they put a half length cast on on monday the 7th of september :smiley:

Damn that’s horrible. Sorry to hear that you have to go through this with your arm again.

Ok I’ll be the “mother” here…Like Alister and 4umfreak said depends how confident you are I think if your questioning it CBS, you might want to take it slow. If your nervous about attempting to ride with the full cast, the end result might not be a good one. As you said maybe once it is only to the elbow. You don’t want a 6th surgery.

Can you unicycle with a full arm cast? Yes, of course you can.

Should you unicycle with a full arm cast is a different question.

As has been mentioned earlier, as long as you don’t fall, you should be ok. However, what you really should be thinking about is what are the consequences if you do fall and land on that arm? Is it going to put you back to needing the cast again, or will it do more damage that screws things up worse that needs another 5 operations? Only you (or your doctor) can really answer that.


That stinks. Sorry about all these issues you are having. It reminds me to be happy every night that I go to bed in good health. If I were in your place I would ride on pavement/cement without much traffic. I would stay off dirt since that’s when I usually UPD. Go with your gut. You know your limits. I rode a bicycle with a half cast on my leg but I wouldn’t uni if I had a leg cast.

I hope this last deal fixes your arm for good.

I think you already know the answer to this one. Yes you can ride with the cast, but you can only “boring ride”. Any attempts at doing exciting, fast or long distance stuff will be risky to the point of not being worth it. So you can ride around to keep your legs used to the idea, but maybe the type of riding you want to do will not be possible. Ask yourself if you’re okay with that.

Also consider how well you’ll be able to catch yourself with one arm immobilized. If you start to fall toward that side it may be really hard to catch yourself. If that’s the case, keep your activities appropriate to that. There’s nothing worse than extending your healing time for silly reasons.

Well i learned with a full arm cast on, so im sure if your careful you should be ok…I didn have pins or anything, just a set compound fracture.

I might be out of luck. Taking out a half dozen screws and plates, not sure what can/will happen if I fall on it. :thinking: I cant afford another surgery. I might have to be an unhappy girl for awhile, darn! I’m just not sure also on my balance since my arm will be, well, rigid. Surgery sucks!! I’ll see what I can do next to the wall. I’m sure the first few weeks the pain will keep me low keyed. Nothing like a half dozen holes/fractures in your bones. Hopefully it wont be so bad or I’m just used to it by now lol. I dont take the pain pills so this wont be a new feeling. The pain helps me to remember I’m injured.

When I need to “boring ride” with zero risk of falls, I work on something like still stands that I need practice on, but that definitely won’t get me hurt.

It only goes so far, though, before it gets - well - boring.