Unicycling will cause IMPOTENCE ! ! ! ! !

You are sitting on your precious testicles and the pressure on them
will destroy them!

Even worse, if you have an accident, you probably will lose both of
your balls!

So watch out!

Been there, talked about that. here here here and even talked about getting pregnant here. Old news.

That last one from 2000 has lost some info Gilby might want to check that out, might be a lost cause though.

It will only destroy them if you ride with a Savage saddle or some other nasty hard contraption. If you have a delux Airseat, or a KH saddle it shouldn’t be too bad, especially if you take breaks or stand up if you get sore. It may be uncomfortable sometimes but I don’t think the damage done would be serious.

Impotence? Good!

Ah, there’s enough kids in the world already. Anybody who wants to disable his swimmer factory is welcome to. No reason to be alarmist.

And if you suddenly find yourself incapable of sex, well, think of all the time that’s suddenly freed up to do important things! And you no longer have to download nearly so much porn, and you don’t have to worry about another date for next Saturday night! Wow!

I’m going to see if I can increase the height of my drops now.

Re: Unicycling will cause IMPOTENCE ! ! ! ! !

Uh, everybody who’s sitting on their testicles please raise their hand. I thought so.

Bruno, you might want to try learning to ride first. You’ll find out it’s really not that bad.

That second part, about having an accident, well, that can happen so keep it in mind! :astonished:

At least look it up in a dictionary, Bruno.

See what happens when the religious right takes sex education out of the schools!? The poor “Bruno” guy has no idea how his genitals work. He doesn’t know the difference between sterility and impotence.

After yet again another marithon session last night, me AND my girlfriend disagree. No impotence here.

What you describe is sterility. We’re not trying for a pregnancy, so I’ll admit that I can’t say yes or no on that one.

Re: Unicycling will cause IMPOTENCE ! ! ! ! !

Quite opposite!!:smiley:

Re: Unicycling will cause IMPOTENCE ! ! ! ! !

You’re not even a unicyclist.

Man I hope this is true, I’ll make a seat from an old unicycle and sit on it all day! Seriously, they won’t give me a vasectomy… :frowning:

Obiviously not the impotence part, this guy doesn’t know the difference between sterility and impotence.

i wish…

Hmmm well if I sit on my balls while I unicycle, it usually hurts and I fall over so I make sure that doesnt’t happen much, and when you fall off, unless ur nut sack gets stuck the metal bumper of a savage seat (that is of course if your fly is open and your going comado, or your just not wearing anything) HOW THE HELL DO YOUR NUTS GET RIPPED OFF?! Oh and aside from your mad girlfriend that you cheated on last night…so Bruno, your and idiot. That is all.

I bet Bruno wound up here by accident, said all he could think of and went off to whatever chat forum he’d been looking for to begin with. Probably the ‘Testicular Obsessed Support Group.’

Forget poor ol’ Bruno. Stop trying to answer him seriously.

He’s not checking posts here, don’t you think?

He’s off downloading more porn and stumbling into other chat forums in order to say silly things.

I drew a cartoon of Bruno.


Thats the best laugh I’ve had all day! haha

yeah, thats a great drawing.:smiley:

damn good drawing man

Hurts the most for me when i free mount on the big wheels. Though yeah sometimes the seat catches you on the wrong side and it hurts. Especially when you have alot of torque and you’re swinging around. I’ve only hurt my nuts in one other sport other than uni and that’s skate boarding. Ollied but my front foot slid out to much and the board just shot up. hurt real bad.

Perhaps they should be called eunuchcycles… :astonished:

Oh, maaaaan. I’m now kicking myself for not having thought of such a funny thing to say.

I’d draw a cartoon of it, too, but I don’t want the ACLU coming after me for poking fun at eunuchs.

Maybe we ought to abandon this thread before Bruno and his ilk start to refer to us as Unichs. At least until we set the ACLU on 'em.

Re: Impotence? Good!

Seriously! I mean, think of the money you’ll save on contraceptives!

I read somewhere that an ancient Japanese method of contraception involved an hour-long soak in a super-warm hot tub. Kills the lil’ swimmers before they make it out of the gate.

Now, a uni ride and a hot tub? Sounds like foreplay to me :wink: