unicycling will be on Planet X this year

i entered a competition called
‘invent a new extreme sport competition’ by planet x and the X games.

i based it all on extreme unicycling. i sent in a letter explaining the sport and a demo tape of us.

yesterday i found out that i won the competition. the prize is:

we (3 of us) get to go on tour, and do demos at all the capital city shows around australia.
i get a special feature on Fox and on national television, where they announce the winners and explain the sport and what we do.

and we get a sunglass sponsorship from Bolle.

yeah im f**kin stoked i won,

but imagine what this will do for unicycling in australia.

im wanting to fix up all my unis, and get a fisheye lensed camera with the money. (maybe get some custom paintjobs for our unis too)

heres the link to the competition

wow! congratulations!!!

keep us updated on the tour.


Wow… that’s huge!!! Congratulations! I have been refining a pretty extreme unicycle sport myself (of course, involving Cokers… as well as other types of uni’s) but I haven’t worked it out completely just yet… you could say it’s in the formative stages. I am totally psyched for you and for the exposure it will generate for the sport… that is an awesome accomplishment for yourself and for unicycling! Now that you’ve won… can you tell us a little bit about the sport you developed… like an overview, rules, etc.? Is it a team or an individual sport? I’d like to hear as much about it as you can tell us. Will they air this in the United States? Let them know that unicycling is a global phenomenon, experiencing major growth and maybe they will air it elsewhere… especially in English speaking countries. If it doesn’t air in the US, perhaps you can post some footage. I’d be willing to pay for a copy on tape or DVD if it is available from you or the network. Great job!!!


THAT IS SO COOL! i always wanted to see unicycling in the x-games

thats awesome, but you didnt invent it

i dont think he is claiming to have invented extreme unicycling. he said that he based his competition idea on extreme unicycling. so essentially he made up a competition done on a unicycle.

ya but thats not the contest…

the contest is “invent” a new extreme sport. Everyone is entitled to the prize then aahhha. But if i entered and won, i wouldnt care what anyone else has to think. Plus its only for aussies


seeing theres only about 10 people in australia who ride… yeah, i invented it here, mostly.

the main thing that made me win over other really creative ideas is the set-up costs are relatively low compare to say, base jumping.

its still a new sport, and obviously not one the planet X dudes have seen before in australia.

probably not gonna be shown in the states. but who knows

Far out Alex! That’s awesome! :sunglasses: :smiley:

How will the ‘new’ sport be judged? How will the competition be run? Now that you’ve won are you allowed to post your entry’s details here? It will be interesting to see how it compares to discussions of John Foss’ ideas on how to organise a unicycle street/street freestyle comp.


SO I guess that pretty much means I’m not getting sponsored…sigh… (or does this have nothing to do with the team sponsoring gig?)

Anyways…very cool…I am now VERY VERY jealous.

So…does this make you team planet X riders?

dud fish eyes are usles get me a summit, please , pretty please!

i think people didnt understand my post.

i won a competition that was asked of you to invent a new extreme sport. not anything about an extreme sport competition.
although if/when the sport takes off now, i know how to make a street comp.

i know i didnt invent the sport, and i never claimed that i did even in the letter that i sent them. i told them we are the pioneers of the sport in australia.

obviously they think it might take off as a sport anyone can get into… relitavely cheap to start, and definitely hybrid and unique.

i reckon we have to be part of the X team (sounds cool), otherwise we wouldnt be demonstrating uni at shows. maybe get a t-shirt of something…

the best thing about it will be that these guys are willing to plug my DVD as well.

edit: fisheyes are mad. eveything looks bigger. plus i need a 3CCD camera. i use a sony handycam at the moment

That is so cool. Congratulations!

Who are the three who get to do the demos?

You might want to contact Kris Holm and Ryan Atkins, and others who have done public demos to find out some ideas on what to do, what not to do, and other advice.

Have fun with it.

WOW that’s so huge! Congratulations, that is so awesome. You must be stoked to be touring Australia unicycling! That’d be awesome. This is insane!
A few NZ unicylists are doing a demo/comp at the X-AIR games in wellington (www.xair.co.nz) but thats just two days and only in welly. what your dong is huge. Again congratulations.

the 3 riders are:

Luke Hilderbraat
and Dan Cowling.

we are all in ONE WHEEL ADDICTION. just so you know

we have done public demos before.

but because i focused around MUni and Street Unicycling. (ie handrails) i might need to get some grinding objects and street style stuff to ride.

We might even be able to use the skatepark where they do the skateboard comps etc. that would be awesome. i know theres a 12ft half pipe there on sunday i wanna drop in on. never done before so its gonna be huge!!!

Rock out. That’s intense. You should have a ton of fun with that, and you’re going to keep us updated!

Congrats! Sounds like a dream come true! Tell us if you find any “uni groupies”… we wanna hear the gory details :wink:

One comp. at a time, the Muni Militia will invade the world of popular sports… BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

i got a call this morning and the dude from planet x asked me if i wanted to be on the sponsorship team. i think it involves photo shoots, more tv segments and 4 bundles of clothes a year.

just an update…

pioneers of the sport in oz? 10 riders? what a load of codswallop.
Theres been groups of us riding for years now. I know guys from brissy, melbourne, darwin, armidale, coffs, byron bay - all over the place - who ride muni. some fo them pretty hardcore.

Congratulations on getting the gig.

One piece of advice - get a freewheeling hub, brake, and learn how to jump off ramps/dirt.
Looks awesome.