unicycling...who knew?

are you kidding me? get outta here! mUnIcYCLinG…fat tyres, disc brakes, hurtling down mountains like a lunatic…or should that be munatic or unatic, i dunno.
i live on a kibbutz in Israel and last week there was some kind of uni convention. what the hell happened? i didn’t see even one clown juggling.
but i did speak to Stephanie, and i did buy a used unicycle for my 6 year old daughter. later that evening i googled unicycles and there was Stephanie hopping down the Matterhorn on a wheel and stick. O.M.G. as the kids say.
well i spent the next few days cycling round the net finding out what i could and before i knew it i’d bought myself a unicycle. it should be here in the next few days.
now at my age i’m not going to be hangin’ at the park bunnyhopping the picnic tables but i would like to learn a few tricks and have some control…ya know, legs pumping, arms flailing, faceplanting, that kind of stuff.
hopefully me and my girl will be able to learn together and stick with it 'coz it looks like a lot of fun. so i will be popping up from time to time with stupid questions or chipping in with stupid comments. anyway that’s all, just saying hello really.
by the way i’ve gone for a 24" luxus and i’ve already got the hang of juggling…almost.

Hello milkjam.

Welcome to this Forum and welcome to unicycling.
Like with juggling, a small Investment at the beginning opens a door to endless hours of fun.



Oh yes you will. Cheers & Welcome.

Milkjam, glad to have you on the forum. Have fun riding with your daughter.