Unicycling while on vacation

Hi all,

Thought I’d share a few snippets from our family vacation last week in
Upper Michigan at a family camp we’ve been attending for the past 30+
years. We took nine unicycles with us this year to share with the others
at the camp. They were a huge hit with the kids and several of the dads.
Some of the kids actually mastered riding good distances (30-50 feet or
so) through the lumpy grass by week’s end. The dads tried to play keep up
with the sons but didn’t quite do as well as the young’ins. Several of the
kids now want to order their own unicycles upon arrival home from camp. We
had three videos (Intro to Unicycling, One Wheel-No Limit, and Extreme)
which the kids watched almost every night in the social hall. Thursday
night at camp is skit night. For our participation, the boys and I
demonstrated unicycling techniques, presented unicycling history and some
about our new club then capped it off with Ben riding in from the rear of
the room on the giraffe which we kept under wraps until then.

Our rides through the woods that week were an experience when Brad, while
riding ahead, jumped a black bear out of the bushes. It was the second
siting of the bear in camp that week so Michigan DNR brought in a live
bear trap. No trapped bear by the time we left for home on Saturday. Other
rides through the woods produced waterfalls, coyotes and turkey buzzards
feeding on a deer kill. Very interesting. We spent some time on the agate
beaches of Lake Superior and decided to ride the breakwater out towards
the lighthouse until I almost lost my uni over the side. Water was only
25’ deep there and about 55 degrees. So we decided to ride somewhere safer
and rode the deer path through Presque Isle park in Marquette. The woods,
deer, and sounds are quite beautiful when seen and heard from the slow
pace of a unicycle instead of out a car window. Vacation is over now and
we’re back in the Illinois flatlands. The U.P. is our original home so we
are looking forward to getting back to the U.P. as soon as possible.

Bruce http://move.to/daup