Unicycling Website

the other day i decided that im not enough of a unicycle freak so i decided to start a unicycling website… check it out its www.freewebs.com/unifanatic03
i was wondering… anyone else got unicycling sites up? and please give me suggestions for the site:D

Re: Unicycling Website

Nicely done. Clean layout and good info.

I’ve got a list of many other unicycling sites in my Megalist of Unicycling Bookmarks. It has a list of all of the personal unicycling sites that I’ve found (and remembered to bookmark). I know I don’t have all of them though. I just added your site. It’ll be in the list the next time I update.

Nice site.
I have a large (& expanding) unicycle section on my website http://www.chuckingandtwirling.co.uk.