Unicycling website and UNICYCLE PETS

Lately I’ve been doing alot of stuff for people to know more about me and my unicycling skills. I have made my first unicycling video and created my website with stuff about my unicycling life. I think maybe it would be good if you knew more about me because I ama regualr post on the unicyclist forums. The unicycling video is also in the Unicycling Videos section of the forums. As for the unicycle pets, their on my website and its pretty random, here are the links-

My Unicycling Website with my video, unicycle pets, and other things on the site. it is still being edited but I’ve completed most of it.

I don’t know if you’re trying to make out that you are sponsored by KHU, but usually only people that are are the ones who advertise them at the start of their vids. Nice video anyway though.

sorry, i just put it on their because I had a kris holm unicycle and it looked good. I wont put it on my vids in the future but thanks for the good comment.

Liking the website and new video. I’ll be looking for a new video from you soon. I could physically feel that last bail myself! :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick tip: Cut your shots a bit earlier to avoid any black flashes in between shots.

Haha I like your quote on the “Future inspiration” page: “There are 50 year old unicyclists…”

Really? That’s hard to believe! I can’t imagine anyone that OLD being able to ride a unicycle, let alone even walk! I guess I have something to shoot for when I get that ancient! :roll_eyes: Denial is One-derful! (Or a river in Egypt!)

I looked on the Future inspiration thread and saw this:

WK3 was NOT UNICON… They are NOT (of course that may change now that it is 08) Xavier Collos is still the World Champion

Really??! well now I know and ive always been thinking that UNICON means unicycle convention is it?