Unicycling vs In-line skating

Jogging and running are impact exercises: they may damage knees. I
have read that bicycling can also lead to knee trouble - in which
case, so can unicycling. Though, I like to believe that the tissue
around the knees is being massaged while unicycling, hence the sport
strenghtens knees :slight_smile: Comparing unicycling and in-line skating, which
one is more likely to cause knee damage, if any?

Also, I believe, the lower back is arched in an abnormal posture while
unicycling. Can this cause long term spine problems?

Who cares unicycling is awesome.

Who cares? Unicycling is awesome.

I second that.

Moving is bad for your body, but what are you going to do about it?

There are so many types of unicycling and inline skating it’s going to be hard to find out.

It all depends what you do on them I guess. Inlining is more fluid than unicycling so from that point of view it’d be better.

If you skate or unicycle aggressively then damage is going to become more noticeable, possibly due to impact etc.

If this thread is still alive tomorrow, I’ll try harder as I used to inline skate aggressively a lot and now do most types of unicycling, so I’d be quite interested in what people think.

Yeah you sound like you think to much, yeah sure unicycling may not be great for the body, but i wud rather has dodgy joint’s near the end of my life then being a FAT slob all my life!UNICYCLING ROCKS


Well, I know when muni-ing or even just going up hill, my limit isn’t really my legs, it’s my knees… they starts to hurt a bit :frowning:

I thought unicycling was good for the back, actually. I know Sarah Miller has mentioned unicycling being more comfortable than walking with a sore back, and someone else who said their doctor noticed a strong back.

When riding you’re not really putting any force on your back, or bending it out of shape for any period of time, but you do end up with it being tense a lot of the time, which must surely be good for the muscles.

I know I feel better after a long uni ride than a bike ride; on a bike you generally lean forwards more, arching the back, whereas on a unicycle you are more upright. There’s been a few times where I’ve come back from a long bike ride and standing up straight is painful immediately after getting off the bike; I’ve never had that on the uni because you’re practically standing up anyway.


I think really, you’ve all missed the point…
Unicycling is cool… and blading is the gayest pile of sh!te ever dreamed up. no one likes bladers… bmxers, skateboarders they all hate bladers, why should we be any different. unicycling is the hardest sport to pick up, blading is the easiest, and biggest load of poo… stick with what you’ve got guys… keep it real
in the words of the great Guttermouth:
“You’re Fcking gay, Fck you out my, 50,000 jack offs all on roller blades… this sport is so extreme, you roller disco queens, going to the hustle at the roller wonderland… neat neat, i really think its neat, im stealing every trick from every skateboarder i meet, neat neat, you stupid faggot roller blader… roller wonder land, you come guzzling fruitcakes, i hope you break your hands, roller wonder land, you come guzzling fruit cakes I hope you break your f*ckin neck” (from “do the hustle” by guttermouth off the album musical monkey)

I tried blading, but didn’t like not being able to abandon my vehicle at short notice, also they’re difficult to ride cross country.

Would anyone like to expound on the hatred felt toward In-Line Skaters by BMXers and Skateboarders? I hear about it, but not as much as an In-line skater does, I’m sure. What’s the bottom line?

Also, is there some group out for the blood of unicyclers? I usually get bemused looks and quips from the mountain bikers that pass me but never anything rude yet.


bike trials riders (the ones who use online forums, anyway) hate unicycling almost as much as they hate fruitbooting. although, agressive inline skating is pretty goddamn nuts. i saw vid of a guy do a 180 over a long 12-flat-12 stair set. it was a tow-in, though. i was impressed.

Bike trials guys, while impressive, still look like they’ve got too much vehicle to me now. I remember being more impressed before I started one-wheeling.

Hockey on skates is superior to unicycles I think. I don’t skate much when I’m not playing hockey.

If you don’t want to hurt yourself, live in a plastic bubble.
If you already have knee problems, then you should think about it. But if you’re still young and healthy (or not necessarily young) then don’t worry about a thing.

i dont think we should be knocking any sport, if people like it, thats good, people should do what they like, not get critisized for it, i mean what if u went around town riding and everyone u met was like, man i hate you…you wouldnt feel to good, so i think everyone should be supportive of everyone, even tho they think theyre sport is better than everyone elses.

i started teaching myself how to rollerblade just this past summer (bought them in may’04) and i’ve had no problems other than falling and hurting my wrists.

a few weeks ago i’ve been bothering my friends to teach me how to unicycle, (should be purchasing my first in september) and have had no problems other than falling and hurting my wrists.

but i’m new at both sports.
i like both equally well.
they work different muscle groups, and i think quite compliment each other if you need an overall lower-body workout.

but i’m new. and stuff.

When I unicycle on level ground or downhill, I find it very easy on my knees. However uphill riding is somewhat stressful. All the freestyle unicycling I do is a little hard on my knees, especially the seat out moves and the brief coasting attempts which slam my legs into the ground from two feet in the air. Repeat that fifty times and you have sore knees.
As to in-line skating vs. unicycling I would say regular unicycling is a lot less stressful. However in my experience it is also slower; I have had a rollerblader pass me at least once. Don’t bash rollerbladers. They have a right to their sport.

Re: Unicycling vs In-line skating

There is little impact force on your knees both in unicycling and in
inline skating, at least when compared to running. In inline skating
there are some appreciable lateral forces on the knees which MAY be
troublesome (I’m just guessing).

But “the lower back is arched in an abnormal posture while
unicycling”? How do you mean?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I like the idea of not having to balance when out on a ride - joe

I hate the childish way groups fall out over sports they do. I think it largely has to do with little sub-cultures. Most of the inliners I know are influenced in their language and dress etc by Hip Hop culture whereas a lot of skate boarders I know range from Punk to Rock’n’Roll. I think a lot of the beef comes from there. Still, real dumb if you ask me. My BMX friends seem to see riding as just a sport and doesn’t really have a major effect on either clothing or language they use.

Saying that I know couple teams and the BMXers skateboarders and inliners all have a huge amount of respect for each other and each others sport.

I used to inline skate.
I even used it as therapy.
(I have flat feet and if I don’t wear inserts my body gets “out of adjustment”)
Rollerblading seemed to work better than a chiropractor.

One day, I was riding on a sidewalk.
Before I could react, my right front wheel caught in a crack and turned outward.
My knee crashed to the ground and dislocated.
It did not “heal” until recently when I found out . . …

. . . . .seat height matters.
When I put my seat too low, my knees would get sore.
Unicycling is just as good for therapy.
Now that I uni, I don’t worry about my knees at all (unless I am on a slippery surface where my foot will slide like it is on a skate).

I would guess that there are more knee, ankle, and hip injuries with
skiing, rollerskating, inline, (maybe waterskiing), and hockey
simply because the joints can be twisted easily during normal circumstances.
Besides, unlike unicycling, there is a lot of time where the rider is supported by one leg, whereas unicycling is more two legged.