Unicycling Vs. Airguitar

for all of you who dont know what Airguitar is it is when you pretend to play a guitar when you are not even holding one.

i won the reigional finals for my area and that let me progress to the National champs.

i wanted to do something that nobody has ever done before in an offical Airguitar competition. so when i got called to go up on stage i jumped on my unicycle to make a big entrance.

i had been drinking for about 10-12 hours at this stage so that made things a little more interesting, all went well, i didnt run anybody over while on my aproach and when i got to the stairs i hopped on up, and then to top things off, i did a 270 spin followed by a gracefull dismount.

the crowd went nuts. i was contemplateing iddeling and airguitaring at the same time but im not very good at iddleing so i gave it a miss.

i didnt place in the nationals but that must have been the biggest crowd i have ever ridden infront of.

Is that you Ben?

Yeah- I saw it on the news last night- it looked totally wild- wish I could have been there :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t see you though~!

Apparently the guy that won get’s to go to the air guitar world champs :sunglasses:

How do you have an airguitar competition?


Last year the world finals were in Sweden, or something like that. Somewere in Scandinavian Europe. I downloaded the clip of the winner, Zack Monroe.

My first thoughts? “I could do way better than that…”

can you

Can you give me some links on airguitar websites?

Re: Unicycling Vs. Airguitar

I have to say, that is one of the most excellent things I have had the pleasure to hear about in a long, long time.

Airguitar, 12 hours worth of drinking, a unicycle, and a big crowd of people watching. That is totally awsome!

Well done! Well done! (sound of hands clapping)



anyone interested in the air guitar training camp?

P.s. Dogbowl, I love the DEVO signature. Well done, lad

Re: Unicycling Vs. Airguitar

darchibald wondered:
> How do you have an airguitar competition?

I’m rather curious about that, too.

But this thread raised a smile, just because it reminded me of this
story that was apparently published in the Northern Echo newspaper a few
years ago (I think I heard it on ‘The News Quiz’ on Radio 4):

Shop assistants were lost for words when a customer who had bought a CD
demanded the free gift that had been promised in a television
advertising campaign.

Staff at Gateshead’s Metro Centre had to explain to the insistent
shopper that the gift, an “air guitar”, was made of no more than just
that- air.

The woman had taken seriously a Virgin advertisement promising the free
item with every copy of the CD, The Best Air Guitar Album In The World

The album is a compilation of rock classics which inspire fans to mime
an imaginary guitar in front of the mirror.

Graham Prior, deputy manager at WHSmith at the Metro Centre, said:
"After the customer had paid for the CD, she waited at the till and
asked for the free air guitar.

“Staff tried to explain but she was not happy. She wanted her free air

After the assistants eventually managed to explain what exactly an air
guitar was, she left a happy customer.

Mr Prior added: “We should have carefully picked up an imaginary guitar
and given it to her and told her not to damage it because we would not
be able to take it back.”

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