Unicycling Vienna?

I am moving to Vienna in March to take a PhD position, and I am planning to take my 36". This is my first time going to Europe. Does anybody know good riding areas near Vienna, or if there is any form of unicycling community in place?

Hey. I stayed in Vienna for a couple months in 2004. At the time, I was real into street trials and muni. I met quite a few very friendly unicyclists. My memories pretty fuzzy.

There’s one guy that got me introduce to the rest. His name was Jan (sounds like ‘Yawn’). His handle on here is/was Yonicycle. He was a machine at the freestyle stuff, stand up coasting and all!!

There were a couple young guys that were very talented with the trials muni stuff. One of the was called Tophl. I think his full name was Christoph.

There was one more real nice guy that took me on a real nice tour of the city in a CAR! (i didn’t get to be in a car much when I was in europe). He had a beautiful custom 36er (or maybe bigger) at the time. Sadly, for the life of me, I cant remember his name. He did some kind of IT stuff for the city transportation dept.

You’ll do great cruising around most of Vienna on your 36er. There is lots to see, lots of bike paths, and traffic is pretty mellow on most of the smaller streets. One place I remember being pretty nice was Donnau insel. I was able to take the street train there pretty easily.

I’d recommend posting in the German forum here on unicyclist.com. There are a lot of nice helpful english speakers there.

You’re going to have a great time!

Check out this thread:

The first page has most of the usual suspects on it from when I was there. Jan, Gerald, Hans, Pablo, stoffl (not tophl oops).

Maybe wogri can help you, here’s the link to his homepage: http://www.wogri.at/Home.home.0.html?&L=1

Or simply join the austrian unicycling mailinglist and ask there:

Page of Unicycling Team Austria:

Thanks all of you! This is a big help.