unicycling videos of people over 50

Do any of you have some in your gallery that I can download?
I got my son riding a unicycle and now I’m working on my older brother.
He is a runner (even ran a marathon when he was 51). Any way, he has mentioned about trying a unicycle, so I am looking for some videos to entice him :slight_smile:

im fifty im just really young for my age

I’m afraid I’m the only one over 50 in THESE videos of a Coker ride (I’m the fool riding the Coker on the guard rail) and IN THESE TRIALS RIDE videos. There are other videos of trail rides, trials rides, and Coker rides IN MY GALLERY but I’m usually the one holding the camera.

Thanks Amanda, you made my day! Yep, I’m actually 50 1/2:D

Thanks Amanda, Harper, and Terrybigwheel.
Harper, those videos about drive me crazy! I want a coker so bad…(that’s what my signature is about). I could buy one now, but I am still learning to operate my 20" and 24". I did about 2 miles yesterday (mostly on 24"), and did some turning around in the street!! I can’t free mount or hop yet, so I have a long way to go :frowning: By the time I learn the basics, I probably won’t be able to afford a 36" or I won’t be living here in the flatland of SE Idaho.
terrybigwheel, those are nice vids. My brother thought unicycles were just for the circus! Those should show him otherwise.
Videos like those you guys have and pics of the Alps tour will change his mind about unicycling.

Thanks again.

Over 50

Hi OFB! Glad to see you’re still riding and making great progress. With the snows melted here in the northeast (92 degrees today) and five weeks since my latest knee surgery, I need to get back on my 28". Maybe tomorrow.

I have an unrelated question for you. The child bride and I are still about five years from retirement but we’re looking at several locales in Montana and Idaho. We’ve never been to Boise and wondered what you thought of it.

Chiming in here as part of the 50+ crowd (Woohoo! Over the hill and the grass really IS greener:) ).

Hi OFB. The videos are a great idea. Once people see that there is so much more to unicycling than that old circus stigma, I think they are much more easily intrigued by the whole idea. And, some of us on this forum are living proof that you’re never too old to learn. Great fun.

Patmoore, I’ve got a friend in Boise and I’ve stopped by there a couple of times in the past couple of years on motorcycle trips. I really like that town. Seems big enough to have everything you need and, if you’re at all outdoorsy, there’s plenty to do there. Seems like every other car there had either mountain bikes or kayaks on the roof. In my most humble opinion, it’d be worth you and the child bride at least going there for a weeks vacation just to see how it feels.

Pat, underdog is right. I really like the city. It is growing, has very nice b*ke paths on roads and along the river for some nice unicycling. My wife’s siblings live there, so we have stayed there a few times. With the hills right there, that just adds to all the fun possiblilites.
It is warm there, so keep that in mind!
I can’t type much because I have a hand brace on, so am keeping this short for right now, but will add more later, or answer other questions (if I have the answers).

underdog, yes, you are right. My older brother thought unicycles were only in circuses!
The videos will help prove otherwise and more so for us “over the hill” gang :slight_smile:

Sorry no video and I’m not 50 but I am mid 40’s and started to uni last Christmas. Got a basic 20 inch learner as a present and have now bought a 26 muni. I am hooked, I ride it whenever possible.
Go for it.:smiley:

Over 50

Thanks Mike and Underdog for the Boise info. It keeps popping up on those lists of the best places to live/retire.

Glad to see there are a lot of other pentagenarians “one-wheeling” it around the world. In five months I move up to sexagenarian - sheesh!

In the world of snowboarding the competition class for those over sixty is “Methuselah”… (What do you expect from a sport that calls age 20-29 “Seniors”? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: I’m not making this up - check out www.usasa.org

It seems like in so many sports, over 30 is kind of ‘out of it.’ Sad but true. I’ve done a lot of road bikeing (though not much since I got hooked on uni) and have done a lot of charity century rides. I think the ‘seniors’ category starts at 40 in most of 'em. The last time I rode the ‘Tour de Tucson’ (110 miles), the lead pack finished the race in just under 4 1/2 hours. Damn fast! There were probably 25 or 30 riders in the lead pack and I think half a dozen of them were over 50. :smiley: :smiley:

Videos, age, etc…

The “Hammerheads” of our Monday Night Bike rides average over 20 mph. No way I can keep up with them on a bike and most of them are in their 50s (some in their 60s). If the route isn’t too hilly I’ll sometimes do the short ride (under 12 miles) on my uni.

Today is a milestone. It’s the first time I’ve hopped on the uni this season. I had my third knee surgery 5 weeks ago and haven’t wanted to push it. The first ride went about 20 feet, the second 200 yards, and the third attempt resulted in a planned dismount after a half mile. I’m back! Since this topic is about videos I wore a Tony Hawk helmet cam for the second attempt. It shoots at 15 fps but there’s nothing to see but scenery if you’re riding alone. I bought it to video other snowboarders.

Im 50 in dog years(I think):slight_smile:

Mister OFB -

Well, I must reply to this thread since I too am a 50+ year old fat unicycle ridin’ boy living in SE Idaho. Also, I’m planning on travelling to Boise this weekend and, among other things, ride my Coker along the Boise River on the Greenbelt Trail. Boise is a nice place and I might end up there myself some day.

But to the point of this thread: alas, I have no video of myself riding to help entice your brother to take up the uni. All I can offer is this link
http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=186548. I’m the old, fat guy on the right. However, if it’s video of a geezer on a unicycle that you are looking for, Harper has already provided all the links (and motivation) that any geezer like your brother would need to take up the uni!


there is probably a big difference between snowboarding and cycling: one needs short bursts the other endurance.
“mature” :roll_eyes: people have endurance (and probably more than people in their early 20).

Well, Harper et al. You guys are a big help. I am 57 and started seriously working on this uni thing in mid march. I am having ,what I expect, are the usual frustrations. Some rides 5 feet some 50-75 yards. Lots of “shorts”. I needed this thread to combat frustration and help me out of the doldrums. Thanks much.

t r, yeah, it does get frustrating :slight_smile:
It gets irritating when it takes so long to learn something that I would have tried at the drop of a hat years ago. It sure is nice, however, that even being out of shape and being over 50, I can learn to ride the uni.
Last week, I put over a mile on my 20 and 24". That was really something for me (for the shape I’m in).
I just learned to ride last August/September and then didn’t ride at all during the winter. However, I don’t have the learning curve to go through this year, so hopefully I will be able to enjoy it a lot more :slight_smile:
Now if I can just learn to free mount and also turn around / ride in a circle, I will be ready to do some serious riding.
I need to get that 36" ordered :wink:


Don’t get discouraged. It keeps getting easier The only advice I have is to wear protective hardware. I was convinced I was invincible but discovered that asphalt is stronger my antiquated hand. Three pins had to be inserted laterally across the base of the hand. It’s fine now but I’m careful to don knee, wrist, and elbow guards before venturing out.


About two years ago I finally developed some confidence freemounting. It still sometimes takes me a couple of tries but I know I don’t have to go looking for something to hang on to. I don’t recall who provided me with the guidance that finally enabled me to develop the skill but I’m grateful and I’ll try to pass it along here. I figure that by providing the perspective from someone who learned it fairly recently I may have a good appreciation for the frustrations.

I was struggling with the uni rolling back too much and my inability to place the other foot on and maintain some semblance of control. My much younger brother-in-law picked it up right away but he has better reflexes. He does a rather violent backward roll and then a reversal of direction. I’m not capable of doing that. My approach is to straddle the uni with the pedals parallel with the ground (right pedal to the rear but that’s just my preference). I place my right foot on the rear pedal but don’t apply any pressure on it. My weight is almost entirely on the saddle. I rock forward gently until I’m balanced on the seat and quickly place the left foot on the forward pedal applying pressure. From there it’s simply a forward lean and continue to roll forward. I find it’s much easier on my 20" than my 28". I’m guessing that it would be that much more difficult on a 36" but I’ve never tried one.

Good luck!!

OldFatBoy, Wobbling Bear, PatMoore, TumbleBug Rollin:

Thanks for making me feel young. The rest of them are punks. Who cares what they say? What do they know?