Unicycling video on front page of Digg.com

Just wanted to let everyone know if you didn’t know already that there’s a unicycling video on the front page of Digg.com on the video tab…we should all go and digg the video so more people get to see it. Anything in the name of raising the awareness of our sport!


This is the video in question, which we’ve probably all seen:

My username on digg is Salp…any other diggers here?

Yup, Dugg for the unicycle publicity.

Yup, I’m BrianOl on digg. We need to get a good street or trials video on there.

I still refuse to join Digg even if they start getting unicycling videos and topics on Digg. :stuck_out_tongue:

why do you say that?

if you guys can remember back on tech tv, the screen savers when leo leport was a cast member one of the other cast memebers started diggs.com dont remember what one.

Digg was interesting a year ago. It has gone downhill since.
Digg used to promote articles that I would find interesting. I’d check out the front page and read what was linked, but I just never joined. Now I don’t even bother looking at Digg. It is full of fluff articles and useless comments from 12 year olds. It went from informative to intellectually void in the space of a year.

it is kaoriablabla yea well she is really good, i saw that vid a couple months ago, but yea kool.
She is my little sisters idol, she just jumped 10 times straight today, and wants to do coasting like her lol.

Nah, it’s not Kaori Matsuzawa. I guess Japanese people do all look alike though, so same difference. :roll_eyes: