Unicycling video in Ottawa Canada

I just put together this video of one of my favourite unicycling routes in Ottawa. Enjoy!

Oh, I know that route! I’ve done it a few times on my Coker:) How long was the ride on your 24"?

Great video!

Damn, I’ve been off the forums too long… Great vid! Especially since I’m sick today but want to go out riding :frowning: You must live close to me, 'cause from Parkdale to Parliament hill is one of my favorite uni routes!

Do you realise how old this thread is? :thinking:

'Tis a great feel good video though, i liked to see the workman smiling :slight_smile:
Glad you brought this vid to my attention :smiley:

It’s also one of my favorite :wink: But it’s a little bit too short, I make it WAY longer for my Coker rides! on the 24" I can understand though. We have to do a group ride soon, it would be amazing.

And Tim, I went to Pink Lake in Gatineau Park last monday, it was really fun, we’ll do it this summer. It’s stills a little bit too wet… I mean, there are still a few “rivers” in the trails, and we can’t technically ride there until may 15th.

Yeah, I saw this was an old thread, but for various reasons I’ve barely been on the forums for 6 months.

At the grocery store today I saw trbouma on a newspaper front page too…