Unicycling TV documentary

Hello all,

Do any of you commute or frequently travel by unicycle?

I am an independent film producer, and I’m putting together a proposal for Channel 4 Television that would cover “unusual commutes” - less conventional ways of getting from A to B. We would like to do a short 3 minute feature on a U.K BASED commuter-unicyclist.

If you fit this bill please email me producer@aftv.co.uk for more information, putting “unicycle” in the subject field.

Thanks from
Will Sadler
Arpeggio Films Ltd

Has anyone emailed him?

It seems like a good oppertunity. If only i were a uniyclist commuter.


unicycleing is like the only way i get around… today was the 1st day in along time i had to use my b*ke and when i got it out it was all ruseted and crappy. lol aww to bad i’m not from the UK


Hi, I bought my unicycle three weeks ago on tuesday and i’ve been taking it to my part time course at college in london once a week. I have to travel to Letchworth station, about a mile, then from there to kings x, i take the underground to farringdon, then its a short ride to Back Hill where my college is situated.

I’m open to participating although i’ve only been cycling since i got the cycle. I feel fairly confident and i’m ok with cameras.

i don’t feel like going most places without my unicycle now- it’s my main mode of transport.

Feel free to mail me if i sound suitable, though i’m sure you could find much better cyclists than myself!!

btw, my names Aorja, though most people call me AJ:)

and obviously because of my new ness, i hope not to be shown as representative of the unicycle population (although there are many others in the uk i only personally know of myself as someone who rides one!!) :roll_eyes:

i emailed him telling him who i am

and where im from.