Unicycling transitions

Here’s the link, couldn’t figure out how to embed it.

I enjoyed that a lot! Nice and calm.

Ah, here it is embedded.


nice work, i loved the riding down stairs on the 36er looks like fun :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed it, 36ers look like so much fun! :smiley:

Nice video, some of those drops were massive! The music was already used in Max’s video with his sideflip, but it fit really well in your video too as all the riding was really smooth. :slight_smile:

Beautiful city! …and nice unicycling :slight_smile:

Great vid mate!

Not sure i’d fancy going down them steps on my 36er…Maybe when i’ve got my brake hooked up i’ll feel differently.


I managed to bend the cranks quite badly dropping off that ramp thing. I’m going to see if I can get some stronger cranks.