unicycling top of youtubes featured list!

wow, just thought i’d tell you as this will probably reach out to alot of non riders and publicise the sport more.
at first i thought it was on my subscriptions but it is actually on youtube main front page

I hate to burst your bubble, but was it under the title:
“Recommended for You”

I have noticed a lot of internet sites are spying on me and placing ads about unicycling and stuff directed at what I search for. When I loaded your uk youtube site it came up with a bunch of stuff which I had recently been browsing but no unicycling :frowning: They keep cookies from what you search for and watch I think.

cool! Never seen that one lol

i didn’t see it. =(

That’s under “subscriptions”. That would have to be yours, as I do not have any.

If your not in UK youtube normally you have to click up in the corner where it says your country or worldwide and click UK. and this has already been posted by the owner of the vid but i don’t know what happened to the post.