Unicycling to the Inauguration

I just drove on Constitution Ave tonight and saw the fences/barricades that were being put up and the thousands of porter potties lining the mall. It is going to be so ridiculous on Tuesday that I think I am going to take off work and ride on into DC on my unicycle. I don’t know what to expect other than DC being packed, but I feel like I have to attend.

It is going to be quite a historic event, and it will be interesting to see how it all goes. At the very least, it will be a good unicycle ride into DC.

Is anyone else here planning on attending?

I thought about going but I don’t feel like dealing with the crowds. I am not working that day so I’ll do a muni ride in Black Hills Park in Germantown. If anyone wants to join me let me know.

I’d totally be there… but I havn’t the traveling money.
So I get to watch tv…

Anyone planning to ride into DC on Tuesday should be aware that no wheeled vehicles (bikes, unicycles, strollers, etc.) will be allowed along the Mall or within the security perimeter. Apparently bike valets are being set up at various locations so people can drop off their cycles and walk into the secure zone. I don’t know who is running those valets or how much they will be charging.

WABA is running them, and they are free =]

If I unicycle in, I probably won’t hand it off to be stored. I would just ride in and see how crazy DC is. I am paranoid about my new baby (kh/schlumpf 36er).

If I bike in, I will probably use the free storage/valet and go to the mall and get a spot looking at a projection screen.

There is a security perimeter and you will not be able to get onto the mall itself or a few surrounding areas, but you can walk/ride over the key and memorial bridges.

My plan may turn out to be a unicycle ride into DC on sunday to see those big time bands and events at the lincoln memorial, and a bike ride into DC on tuesday. I am still uncertain though.

Claude, I need to head up to Germantown and ride with you on that same road route we did before. I think the geared 36er will be perfect for that area and I need to try it out on some steeper hills!

I was going to metro in and ride my trials around until I heard about the wheeled vehicle policy. Maybe a ride in to check out the concert on Sunday would be fun. Keep in mind I haven’t ridden my coker in a couple months :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you go to the show?
Wasn’t U2 there? I know you’re a fan.
Or would you have gone with or without U2???
:sunglasses: :smiley:

anyway, yeah my dad sent me pics from the event on Sunday and they were maybe 75 -100 yards away from the nearest projection screen…
sounds like a ton of fun…

Nope, I didn’t go. I am still planning on unicycling in tomorrow though - I will try to take pics.

Nice use of Jawbreaker there.

Well, I rode in today. I won’t talk about the crowd or speech since you all probably already saw it on the news. It was freezing cold today! I slept about 2 hours since my sleep schedule was messed up from the weekend and I was up late watching the original Dawn of the Dead. Drove out to the W&OD trail before sunrise, geared up and started riding around 730AM. I had to wear a bala clava, ski goggles, and a lot of layers. The wind chill was supposedly 7 degrees F, but it felt much colder when riding.

I rode about 20 miles into the city. It was awesome riding on M street with NO CARS. I have never seen DC so vacant and yet so packed at the same time. After meeting up with Pennsylvania ave, the crowds were getting off the metro and busses. I had to get off and walk to the free bike valet due to the amount of people.

Checked my unicycle, changed clothes and put on my down jacket I brought in my bag. I then walked down to the WWII memorial where I got a spot in front of a screen.

Everyone was in great spirits despite the cold, and after the speech I walked back to the bike valet and got the uni back. Riding home was very slow due to the wind and hills. Coming out of DC on the Custis trail is usually a fun climb, but there was way too much bike traffic, so I had to ride quite slow. I kept it in low gear for the first 5 miles out of the city due to the crowd of bicyclists. Riding a geared 36er in wind really takes its toll on your legs, and I do not do great in cold weather, so it felt very slow riding back.

This is the coldest weather I have ever unicycled in. It felt great to take off my heavy backpack (that had a change of clothes, coat, food, water, etc) and take a hot shower when I got home.

That’s really awesome. So many people were looking for the least crowded route into the city - I’m glad they braved the cold and biked/ unicycled in.

sweet face in that second pic.

Yeah, I thought the person I gave my camera to already took the photo at that point hah.

//This also was an excuse for me to update my blog finally after 7 months.