unicycling tips and tutorials

does anybody know how you can get on to uni tips & tutorials it is not working .
who owns that site :thinking:

the site is down right now but if your looking for tips on learing click the link in my sig that says newbie guide and you’ll be on the right track


There have been about 5 different threads on the topic. :slight_smile: Peter van Boekhout and I own the site. We’ve exceed our limit at the free place is was being hosted, so Peter’s currently in the process of transferring it over to unicyclist.com…at least I hope he is. Shouldn’t be too much longer.


I made a site last year for the basics… might want to check it out… www.freewebs.com/unifanatic03

i hope you post on here when itsready to roll.
i liked all your tuturails videos:) keep that up

Quick question; are you also going to be transferring my journal over there? I’m just curious.

From an email I received today from Peter (munimanpete here at unicyclist.com) who maintans the site:

“Hi Andrew,
I feel really bad that its taken so long, but agian I’ve been away from home
and got back today, so I decided I’d finally get around to doing the site (I
still need to unpack :p)
So I have copied ALL the pages onto my unicyclist.com webspace, that was
quite a bit of work, involved going into the freewebs account, opening every
page, coping the HTML code, pasting into a notebook saving it to my comp
then copying to the unicyclist webspace! But now its done and shoulnt be
long before the basics of the site are ready for people to view again. I
then tried swapping the shorturl over to the new host, which is easily
doable but it says Action Cancelled when you go to unicycle.2ya.com so I
asked Gilby about that and im sure he’ll clear things up and that will be
sorted! Then it will most likely be a case of changing links amongst pages,
though hopefully not!!! And getting all the pictures etc back on the site.
So It shouldnt be long before the meat of the site can be viewed, but may be
a bit longer before its all looking nice again.
Again sorry it took so long but the ball is rolling!

I’m hoping I speak for everyone here when I say there’s no need to apologise. :slight_smile: